3 Issues with Insurance for 3D Printing, Sharing Economy and Other Emerging Industries

By Michael S. Levine and Andrea L. DeField, Hunton & Williams |

Insureds should carefully scrutinize coverage provided by their legacy and cyber-specific policies to ensure that the coverage procured reflects their unique (and often evolving) risk profile.

Inventor Pablos Holman of  Intellectual Ventures.

Getting to the Right Question: Futurist Pablos Holman’s Plea at ILTACON Keynote

By Zach Warren |

At the opening keynote of the 40th ILTACON, Intellectual Ventures Lab’s Holman explains how the future comes from asking, ‘What can I make this do?’

Artificial Intelligence is Molding the Attorney of the Future

By Jeff Pfeifer, LexisNexis |

New applications for cognitive computing are on the horizon to help attorneys address evolving business challenges and make more intelligent, strategic decisions.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Breach Spotlights the Need for Discovery Competence

By Phil Favro, Driven |

Wells Fargo’s shortcomings inform lawyers of the need to take basic discovery measures to safeguard client information from inadvertent disclosure.