Cybersecurity and Privacy

Law Firm Dodges Class Claims in First-of-Its-Kind Data Security Case

By Roy Strom |

Claims against Chicago-based Johnson & Bell for allegedly failing to protect client information must be heard individually in arbitration.

What Companies Need to Know About California Privacy Risk Mitigation

By Lothar Determann, Baker & McKenzie |

Companies should implement a privacy compliance program (or add California privacy law considerations to an existing program). Here's what they should entail.

John T. Araneo, General Counsel of Align.

The Evolution of a Cyber Lawyer: LTN Talks With Align's John Araneo

By Rhys Dipshan |

Araneo discusses his path to becoming cybersecurity counsel at Align, and what general counsel across the corporate world are underestimating about modern-day threats.

4 Key Legal Operations Lessons from This Year's LDO Survey

By Brad Blickstein, The Blickstein Group |

This year's survey sees shifts in e-discovery handling, metrics use and more.

FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny.

The Internet of Things: Transformative for Industry, Major Headache for Privacy

By Ian Lopez |

The FTC and Big Law weighed in on the ups and downs of IoT for security, privacy and consumers at New York Law School.

The 'Soft Underbelly' of Cybersecurity Meets Legal Ethics

By Jerry Cohen, JAMS |

By following certain best practices and structures, lawyers and law firms can meet ethical standards for protecting client data.

Flight-Check Your Cloud Tech: 7 Security Questions to Ask Your Vendor

By Lisa Hawke, Everlaw |

With suitable care and the proper questions, you should be able to keep your law firm out of the data breach headlines.

Illustration by Val Bochkov

In Corporate Cyber-risk Planning, Legal Takes the Helm

By Ricci Dipshan |

A Legalweek panel explores practical approaches to security incident planning, and legal's pivotal role.

3 Risks (and Solutions) for Document Security in 2017

By Dean Sappey, DocsCorp |

Organizations have focused on securing the storage of documents, but little attention is paid to access and distribution of documents.

Inside the Federal Government's Latest Guidance on IoT Security

By Hanley Chew, Fenwick & West |

Companies need to be mindful of November guidance from DHS and NIST.


Hackers, Data Leaks, Encryption and Hidden Data Can Wreak E-Discovery Havoc

By Adam Feinberg, BIA |

As we enter 2017, here's how changes in cybersecurity may affect your e-discovery plans moving forward.

Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Governor Cuomo Promises New Cybersecurity Measures in 2017

By Joel Stashenko |

Among the measures is forming a "response team" when confidential information from state and local governments is breached.

Ashley Madison website.

Ashley Madison Data Breach Claims Should Be Arbitrated, Company Says

By Amanda Bronstad |

The plaintiffs counter Avid’s “shoddy record-keeping practices” made it difficult to know whether the plaintiffs signed arbitration agreements.

New FTC Contest Confronts 'Internet of Things' Security

By Marcia Coyle |

The agency has announced the latest in a series of cash-reward contests for solutions to protect personal data.

New York Delays Implementation of Cybersecurity Mandate by Two Months

By Joel Stashenko, New York Law Journal |

5 Cybersecurity Challenges for Enterprises in 2017

By Liisa Thomas, Winston and Strawn |

Winston and Strawn partner Liisa Thomas lays out a roadmap on challenges to face companies in the coming year.

Preet Bharara

Chinese Nationals Charged With Hacking Firms to Steal M&A Info

By Mark Hamblett, The Am Law Daily |

No Time to Waste: U.S. Companies Will Face European, Homegrown Privacy and Security Challenges in 2017

By Donald G. Aplin, Bloomberg Law |

A look at the GDPR “tidal wave,” FTC authority clarification and more security and privacy challenges to watch for next year.

Computer Hacking

Is 2017 the Year a Leak Sinks Your Firm?

By Dan Bressler, Intapp |

A look into the future for the lessons learned from the “hack” of one major firm.

GCs Are Questioning Their Outside Counsel About Cybersecurity

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

The Johnson & Bell suit is a good reminder of the importance of questioning outside firms about their cybersecurity efforts.

Cloud computing.

6 Often-Overlooked Cloud Security Considerations

By William Kellermann, Hanson Bridgett |

A look at some less obvious but important considerations related to cloud security and why they are often overlooked.

Drone-Jacking and Other Threats: Cyber Veteran Alan Wernick on 2017's Security Landscape

By Ricci Dipshan |

While Wernick sees a more-complicated landscape for cybersecurity and drone issues, he also cites opportunities for developing technology and collaborating against cyberthreats.

concept of leaky software, data with a tap sticking out.

3 Key Cybersecurity Concerns for Department Operations Staff

By Brad Blickstein |

More than three-quarters of law departments are responsible for or meaningfully influence their companies' cybersecurity. Here's what to watch for.

Data Privacy Laws and Blocking Statutes: Practical Strategies for Counsel

By Ashish Prasad and Patrick Oot |

Data privacy laws and blocking statutes can seriously impact investigations and litigation that reach outside of U.S. borders.

Privacy and Data Security Top List of Questions for Legal Experts About Drones

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Uncertainty continues for legal experts and policymakers around issues of privacy and data security raised by the influx of drones circling the skies.

Business Demands Overshadow Cybersecurity Needs at Law Firms, Survey Finds

By Ricci Dipshan |

As firms focus on meeting efficiency demands, experts advise looking at cybersecurity as a business risk.

Now’s the Time for Courts to Accept Digital Signatures

By Pem Guerry, SIGNiX |

After one California lawyer was sanctioned for using electronic signatures, the need for more efficient technology use is here.

Donald Trump.

Privacy, Cybersecurity Steady Spots in Trump Policy Uncertainty

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at what the Trump administration's pro-security leanings mean for the future of privacy and cyberwarfare, and government surveillance.

Baker Donelson “Accelerates” Cybersecurity Startups

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

In building investment in Atlanta’s cybersecurity scene, the law firm found its second start-up partner in Authomate.

FireEye Wins Round in Shareholder Suit

By Ben Hancock |

The judge ruled alleged misrepresentations about the progress of the Mandiant merger amounted to "puffery."

People, Meeting, Risk Management

From Counsel to Keyboard: The Multipronged Approach to Cybersecurity Compliance

By Ian Lopez |

Pillsbury, FireEye and Thomson Reuters bet they’re better than the “patchwork of industry standards” currently guiding cybersecurity regulations.

Democratic National Committee headquarters, Washington, D.C.

Disinformation Campaigns in DNC Hacks Could Shift Threat Landscape for Enterprise Cybersecurity

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Key moments from the 2016 presidential election could predict the future of the data security landscape.

To Encrypt or Not Encrypt? The NYC Bar Weighs in on the Debate

By Ricci Dipshan |

A look at the rise of absolute encryption, the power of the Fourth Amendment and other encryption issues.

Client Data Security Obligations Begin With the Law Firm

By Timothy Opsitnick, TCDI |

No matter whether firms keep data in-house or work with third parties, certain cybersecurity controls should be in place.

3 Ways E-Discovery is Safer in the Cloud than On-Premise

By David Greetham, Ricoh USA |

Often, cloud service providers have stronger security options than those at law firms.

The Deal and The Data: 3 Ways Cybersecurity Is Changing M&As

By Ricci Dipshan |

M&A practitioners are increasingly expected to provide cybersecurity expertise and help steer companies clear of regulatory action.

Despite Unprecedented DDoS Attack, Experts See Little Movement on Federal Cybersecurity Laws

By Ricci Dipshan |

While many see a lack of action on federal cybersecurity laws, there is a possibility of broad standards being developed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

3 Partnerships Bringing AI to GCs and Compliance Professionals

By Ian Lopez |

Clutch Group is betting it can make AI more "accessible" and "intelligible" to stakeholders via automated compliance, surveillance tools.

Cyber Whistleblowing is Murkier Than You May Think

By Renee Phillips and Shea Leitch, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe |

Recognizing a potential cyber whistleblower may require companies to appreciate nuances previously unanticipated by most internal reporting schemes.

Biometrics Used in More Than Half of Organizations for User Authentication, PwC Survey Finds

By Zach Warren |

The Global State of Information Security Survey also found a high number of organizations looking externally for cybersecurity help.

Joe Whitley, left, and Justin Daniels, right, of Baker Donelson.

Spotlight on the Southeast: Atlanta's Emerging Cybersecurity Ecosystem

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Baker Donelson's CyberCon 2016 brought together Atlanta business, legal and government leaders to discuss cybersecurity.

Shawn Henry, President of CrowdStrike Services, at the ALM CyberSecure keynote on Wednesday morning.

Advanced Adversaries and the New Threats to Cybersecurity

By Zach Warren |

Former FBI assistant director Shawn Henry on the different types of hackers, how to be proactive and more at ALM CyberSecure.

4 Ways an Automated On-Boarding Process Can Benefit Your Law Firm

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Single sign-on systems can help you leverage both time and security demands for new and departing employees.

Mauricio Paez, partner, Jones Day, New York

Conflating 'Security' and 'Privacy' Can Yield Confusing Policy

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Experts at CyberSecure will discuss whether separating security and privacy can clarify and improve regulation.

10 Tips for Minimizing Cloud Security Risks

By Melodi (Mel) Gates, Thomson Reuters Practical Law |

These tips can help institute best practices for drafting cloud computing agreements at your company or firm.

3 Ways to Reduce Data Breach Risks in Post-Panama Papers World

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Since the breach, cybersecurity is on every firm's radar. Here are some tips for better security.

Cyber-Extortion: Will Your Company Be Covered In A Ransomware Attack?

By Joseph M. Saka, Lowenstein Sandler |

Cyber insurance can be vital in overcoming critical attacks, and there are key points companies must understand.

CloudMask, Clio Integration Aims for Greater Security in Law Firm Practice Management

By Ian Lopez |

CloudMask's new encryption capabilities include permission controls that cover data both inside Clio and when sent to other platforms.

data integration database connect media files chart symbol analysis vector

How Safe Is Your Data Center?

By Christine Yi, Xerox Legal Business Services |

10 best practices for data security and what you need to know about where your information is stored.

The First 24 Hours After the Breach

By Eric Vanderburg, JURINNOV |

You need a quick response, but sometimes hasty decisions can lead to even more issues. That's why you need a response plan.

China's Second Draft Cybersecurity Law's Expands Data Localization Requirement

By Tiana Zhang, Jodi Wu, Sally Han and Mike He of Kirkland & Ellis |

The latest draft of the law has sparked heated discussions among multinational companies.

Are You Prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation?

By Joe Garber, Hewlett Packard Enterprise |

Three steps to prepare for important new rules that will impact how data is managed and governed.

Outsiders Agree With Findings From Congressional Report on OPM Breach

By Ed Silverstein |

The House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee found OPM showed a "failure of culture and leadership."

Judy Selby of BDO Consulting. 11/2013

Navigating the Cyberinsurance Maze: Inside the Obligations and Caveats

By Ricci Dipshan |

Cyberinsurance requires companies to meet certain obligations and integrate certain practices in their incident response plan.

3 Trends Influencing Modern Law Firms’ Technology Spend

By Ricci Dipshan |

Law firms are leveraging technology to stay competitive and secure in the modern market, but many still express reluctance to adopt cloud technologies.

Legal's Business Necessity: Client Demand Spurs ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Certification

By Ricci Dipshan |

The ISO 27001 Global Report finds that the certification provides legal professionals with a competitive edge in fostering and growing client relations.

ILTA Tech Purchase Survey Reveals Firms’ Cloud Skepticism, Cybersecurity Spend and AI Interest

By Ricci Dipshan |

Technology budgets rose 12 percent in 2016 as more firms sought to shore up their cybersecurity.

Private, Public Sector Collaboration Key to Strong Cybersecurity, Experts Say

By Ian Lopez |

Experts from consulting and FBI backgrounds say information can help organizations and the government sharpen risk management.

The Keys to Encryption – ILTA Guidance on Protecting Your Information

By Ian Lopez |

Top information and security officers on encryption basics and what it means to your firm.

Jim Kent, CEO, Nuix.

Nuix Releases Endpoint Security Tool that Focuses on Holistic Network Approach

By Mark Gerlach |

Nuix Insight Adaptive Security tool fuses together prevention, detection, response, remediation, and deception capabilities to protectively detect network breaches and intrusions