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Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Data Fiasco Raises Red Flags, Demands Serious Change: Lawyer

By Janet Levaux, ThinkAdvisor |

Other bank observers point to the multiple problems exposed by the recent leak of private data of 50,000 clients and advisors.

James Neath, president of Clutch Group.

Former BP Head of Litigation to Head Clutch

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Neath, a former BP associate general counsel, looks to help Morae Global build inroads with the financial and energy sectors.

I Fell for a Phishing Email, and the Law Couldn't Help Me

By Rhys Dipshan |

Despite regulating spam emails, the federal CAN-SPAM Act may do little to prevent phishing spam from reaching your inbox.

Cobb County Superior Court Judge Steve Schuster. Photo by John Disney/Daily Report.

Georgia Judges Set to Eye Changing Rule Over Use of Electronic Devices in Courtrooms

By R. Robin McDonald |

Georgia's Superior Court judges are considering a major overhaul of a court rule governing the use of cameras and electronic recording devices in courtrooms.

Small Offices Face Closure as Law Firms Seek Efficiency

By Lizzy McLellan |

Firms are instead seeking to minimize costs and take advantage of the increased flexibility technology provides through virtual work.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Shares Private Info on 50,000 Clients and Advisors: Report

By Janet Levaux, ThinkAdvisor |

The inadvertent data release includes clients' portfolio and asset information, as well as FA compensation and client lists, according to The New York Times.

L to R: Joshua Klayman, co-chair of Morrison & Foerster’s Blockchain + Smart Contracts Group; Jae Kwon, co-founder, All in Bits, Cosmos, and Tendermint; Nick Chirls, founder & partner, Notation Capital; Subhankar Sinha, Co-Founder, PwC’s Global Blockchain Practice, Emma Channing, General Counsel, The Argon Group; Greg Murphy, Partner, Outlier Ventures; John Tabacco, Co-Founder, T0, and President, Rev4, during a panel discussion titled “Blockchain for Bankers: ICOs and Similar Investments” at Morrison Foerster in New York.

A Market with ‘Zero Regulation’: Experts Disagree on Regulator Role in Cryptocurrency

By Ian Lopez |

Some view the regulatory environment around cryptocurrency as burdensome, others nonexistent.

Legal Advice Law Expert Business Internet Concept

Finding Legal Answers Online Gets a Little Smaller with ‘Micro’

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The new service, hosted by LawTrades, allows users to get an answer to a legal question for a flat fee from a registered attorney.

Ashley Madison website

Ashley Madison Class Accord Question: What If Claimants Don't Want to Be Found?

By Amanda Bronstad |

Many users gave fake email or street addresses when setting up accounts and might not want notices of the deal sent to their businesses or home addresses.

Mira Edelman

Mira Edelman Moves From Google to Director of E-Discovery Services at Facebook

By Zach Warren |

Before joining Facebook as director of e-discovery services, the noted e-discovery expert and speaker spent six years at Google.

Security camera

Deeper Pool of Data: Companies Dive In on Managing New Nontext Sources

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Video, audio and other multimedia sources are increasingly a part of e-discovery and compliance efforts, but the technology needed to index their contents is still fairly new.

Donald Trump Jr.

The Forensics Take: Authenticating Trump Jr.'s 'Russia Meeting' Evidence

By Rhys Dipshan |

For data forensics experts and investigators, authenticating emails and social media poses unique technical and legal challenges.

Close up of human hands pushing keys of laptop

Sentenced Russian Hacker a 'Key Resource' For Cyber Underworld

By R. Robin McDonald |

Federal prosecutors in Atlanta say Mark Vartanyan developed, improved, and distributed a pernicious computer malware toolkit known as Citadel.

Service Disruptions to WhatsApp in China Raise Wider Censorship Concerns

By Ed Silverstein |

WhatsApp joins Facebook Messenger and other apps facing government pressure, but there are still ways users and companies can encourage private messaging.

Federal Communications Commission.

Corporate Heavy Hitters Speak Out on Net Neutrality

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Among the more than 9 million comments filed thus far are a number from giants such as Verizon Communications Inc., Inc. and AT&T Services Inc.

What Courts Have Said About the Legality of Data Scraping

By Paven Malhotra and Andrea Nill Sanchez, Keker, Van Nest & Peters |

Parties have sought to stop scrapers using a number of legal bases, from the CFAA to copyright law.

Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, California Supreme Court

What Worries a Calif. Supreme Court Justice About AI and the Law?

By Ben Hancock |

Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar isn't afraid of the robot uprising. But when is reliance on AI arbitrary and capricious? That's a heavy question.

Laura Jehl, privacy and data protection partner at Baker & Hostetler.

New Baker Hostetler Partner Says Trump Administration's Cybersecurity Agenda Still 'A Big Question Mark'

By Ian Lopez |

Fresh off a move from Sheppard Mullin to Baker & Hostetler, cybersecurity expert Laura Jehl chats corporate security under the Trump administration, new cyber threats and more.

Verizon headquarters

Vendor Breached Your Company Data? Sorry, You're Still Liable

By Rhys Dipshan |

The liabilities companies face due to vendor cybersecurity incidents can vary widely depending on the particular situation and the actions they take beforehand.

Verizon Data Exposure Incident Highlights Importance of Third-Party Due Diligence

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

As companies rely on these vendors more and more, often handing over sensitive data, in-house counsel have to be increasingly concerned about minimizing risks.

Internet of things (IoT) concept. Businessman presses IoT solution represented by symbol connected with icons of typical IoT. Intelligent house, car, camera, watch, washing machine. Smart digital home

IoT Gadgets: Exploring the New Sources of Discoverable Evidence

By Michael Ciaramitaro, FRONTEO |

Personal assistants, fitness trackers, and automotive black boxes are among the devices whose data and metadata may have big impact in legal cases.

Outside Counsel Guidelines Lack Cyber Requirements. Does It Matter?

By Rhys Dipshan |

A lack of formal cybersecurity requirements for outside counsel doesn't necessarily equate to higher cyberrisks.

Settling Ashley Madison Data Breach Lawsuit Was Likely 'Inevitable'

By Ed Silverstein |

Experts say that the settlement, announced for $11.2 million earlier this month, made sense for all parties involved.

Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Google Scores in Data Battle With Labor Department

By David Ruiz |

A San Francisco judge granted Google some protection from a deep data probe for employee compensation, salary history and contact information.

Award-Winning Litigation Tracking Tool Lifts a Burden for Ricoh Lawyers

By David Ruiz |

Ricoh and Reed Smith developed a shared software tool to track employment litigation matters and create a "knowledge center" accessible by in-house employment lawyers.

The Critical Role of Sampling in Discovery

By Phil Favro, Driven |

Sampling can simplify the discovery process while reducing expenses and wasted opportunity costs.

Hand holding mobile phone with chatbot application.

The DoNotPay Dilemma: Can Chatbots Provide Access to Justice Without a Lawyer?

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The ticket-challenging chatbot has expanded into 1,000 areas of law, across all 50 states, but questions loom around providing legal services without attorneys.

Wendy Riggs, senior analyst with Keesal, Young & Logan.

Former Twitter E-Discovery Manager Moves From Big Tech to Big Law

By Rhys Dipshan |

E-discovery veteran Wendy Riggs discusses the compliance challenges of dealing with homegrown tools and ever-evolving technology platforms.

Tweeting From the Bench: Judges Discuss Social Media Pitfalls

By Ross Todd |

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on Thursday in the first federal appellate court decision to address issues raised when jurists post to social media.

How WordPress Takes On the Challenges of Protecting User Data

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Paul Sieminski, Automattic's GC, said that the Snowden leaks significantly changed the data privacy and government requests landscape.

Social Media Sleuthing of Job Candidates Could Be Risky Business

By Miriam Rozen |

Some employment lawyers have begun to encourage having hiring partners and direct managers walled off from their subordinates' social media accounts.

4 Ways Legal Technology Helps Law Firms Protect Client Data

By Haley Altman, Doxly CEO |

Though software security protocols may seem overwhelming, ignoring them will lead to much higher costs in the aftermath of a breach.

Grenfell Tower fire.

Legal Hackers Scotland Hackathon Builds App to Support Grenfell Tower Fire Victims

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Hackathon participants created an app that locates local financial, emergency and legal assistance on a map.

Leadership Shake-Up at Morae Global Marks Stronger Push for Global GC, CCO Clients

By Ian Lopez |

Pulling from the talent pool built through the Morae Legal and Clutch Group merger, new leadership roles aim at getting services and technology in front of corporate legal departments.

Firms Take DIY Approach to Tech, but With Limits

By Lizzy McLellan |

Large and mid-sized firms alike give two simple reasons for their in-house tech investments: cost and differentiation.

Microsoft Office 365

5 Ways Legal and Compliance Teams Can Benefit from Office 365 Migration

By Jake Frazier and Chris Zohlen, FTI Consulting, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

Legal and compliance groups also run unneeded risks if the process is not conducted in the context of strong legal and regulatory guidelines.

Airbnb Host Fined for Cancelling Law Student's Reservation Based on Race

By Cheryl Miller |

An Airbnb host who refused to rent her Southern California house to a woman because she is Asian will pay $5,000 in damages and take a college-level course in Asian-American studies, the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing said Thursday in announcing the agreement.


Cornerstone Discovery Launches App to Automate Trial Exhibit Management

By Rhys Dipshan |

Called, the cloud-based application streamlines the naming of digital exhibit files, and the creation of bates stamps, exhibit stickers and the like.

Luminance and HighQ Announce Product Integration to Automate Data Management

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The two UK-based platforms will create a pipeline from HighQ's data room into Luminance's AI analysis.

GC Data Sharing Plan Is 'Wake-Up Call' for Law Firms

By Roy Strom |

A group of 25 general counsel announced a plan to share and analyze data on the law firms they use and the outcomes they achieve, which elicited both trepidation and excitement.

Jay Edelson

Edelson Credits In-House Forensics Lab for Data Security, Privacy Litigation Success

By Scott Flaherty |

The lab combines lawyers with technical backgrounds and engineers to determine whether there are privacy or data security concerns in devices and apps.

How to Focus Your Thinking About Scatter Plots in Law

By Rees W. Morrison, Altman Weil |

Scatter plots are one the most common types of graphs to help legal managers make decisions. Here’s how to make sure you’re using them effectively.

NY Public Defenders Get an Access to Justice Boost with New Technology

By Rhys Dipshan |

The NYSDA partnered with Contegra Systems and dtSearch to upgrade its document and case management tools.

Gillette razors

Are Law Firms Too Sophisticated for Their Own Good?

By Hugh A. Simons |

The dangerous path Big Law is headed down and what it has to do to change course.

Donald Trump at a campaign rally in 2016.

Twitter Users Blocked by President Trump File First Amendment Suit

By B. Colby Hamilton |

The plaintiffs claim the move violates the First Amendment, as the president's Twitter account, they allege, represents a public forum.

Data Breach.

Data Breaches Have Lingering Effect on Stock Prices, Study Says

By David Ruiz |

According to a study by Comparitech, cyberattacks can drive a stock's performance down on the day of the announcement and slow future growth for years.

Dan Katz, associate professor of law at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, speaks at the Janders Dean & Chicago-Kent College of Law Legal Horizons conference on Thursday, July 14, 2016.

LexPredict Goes Open Source, Hopes Others Will Follow

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The company will make the core of its ContraxSuite analytics system free and open source while offering retrofitting services at a cost.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tech Scene Pulls Firms to Pittsburgh, but Not Just for Clients

By Lizzy McLellan |

Legal industry watchers in Pittsburgh say more large firms are likely to build outposts in the city, as they aim to be close to its research institutions and young talent pool.

‘Doing AI’: What Legal Should Remember About Big Data

By Adi Prakash, Yerra Solutions |

The term AI may be exploited in legal in present, but AI technology can be part of a revolutionary future—if there are some fundamental shifts.

QMobile Insight dashboard.

QDiscovery Bets on Reformatting Mobile Data for Popular E-Discovery Platforms

By Rhys Dipshan |

QDiscovery's new QMobile Insight services transforms mobile data into formats that can be reviewed in common e-discovery platforms.

NJ Says No: Court Decision Renews Online Legal Services Debate

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

A recent decision from three New Jersey Supreme Court committees raised concerns over legal service plans from Avvo, LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer.

Kristin Sverchek, Lyft general counsel

Lyft GC Kristin Sverchek Weighs Gig Economy's Future

By Erin Mulvaney |

Lyft general counsel Kristin Sverchek offers her perspective on the future of the on-demand employment sector, and offers advice to up-and-coming companies that might not find themselves fitting exactly into the existing labor structure.

CFPB Director Richard Cordray speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 11th Annual Capital Markets Summit: Financing American Business, in Washington, D.C. March 30, 2017.

The CFPB Wants to Create an Arbitration Database. Companies Will Hate That.

By C. Ryan Barber |

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has argued the rule would effectively shut down a 'cheaper and faster' form of dispute resolution for consumers.

AdvanceLaw Joins About 30 GCs to Measure Law Firm Relationships

By David Ruiz |

The data experiment looks to find what management methods and what behaviors on both sides of the table produce the best results for clients and outside counsel.

Practical Uses for Patent Data Analytics When Facing the USPTO

By Eddie Obissi and David R. Grosby, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff |

A quick look at 3 scenarios where examiner-specific analytics could be useful in forming and updating prosecution strategy.

Singapore Has Its First Ever AI Legal Chatbot

By Rhys Dipshan |

Attorney repository and knowledge website LawGuideSingapore launched the chatbot as a part of a broader social media campaign to better educate local Singaporeans on legal issues.

Veritone’s Government Division Brings AI to Law Enforcement E-Discovery

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Veritone believes AI can help government entities better scale massive data sets during e-discovery.

4 Signs Legal Tech Companies Are Ready for Brexit

By Rhys Dipshan |

Despite apprehension over how Brexit will affect the economy, it's business as usual in the legal technology industry.

Judge Adalberto Jose Jordan, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

Do You Hear What I Hear? 11th Circuit Posts Argument Audio

By Jonathan Ringel |

The move brings the Atlanta-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit up to date with all but one of the federal circuit courts around the country.

Are Your Post-Breach Forensic Reports Privileged?

By Brian E. Ray, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

The Central District of California recently joined the courts that have held forensic reports created by outside security companies following a data breach are protected from disclosure in civil litigation in some cases.


Betting on Facial Recognition Breakthrough, Advanced Discovery Patents AI Software

By Ian Lopez |

Advanced Discovery patented its facial recognition technology, originally created for a law firm client and now available on e-discovery workflows.

Have You Examined Your Cyber Insurance Policy Lately?

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Walter Andrews, head of Hunton & Williams' insurance litigation and recovery practice, says that many of those who have cyber insurance discover too late that their policies are not useful.

NY Court Calls for End to TransPerfect Litigation in Wake of Del. Rulings

By Tom McParland |

New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich slammed the suits as borderline 'frivolous.'

Legal Technology Companies Find a Voice in Amazon Alexa

By Rhys Dipshan |

A host of legal tech companies are integrating with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, but can the technology and market catch up to the hype?

TurboPatent Builds AI Into Track Changes for Patent Drafting

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

TurboPatent's new tool, RoboReview, uses four "expert bots" that edit and comment on your patent draft in Word.

Cloud Storage

On-Premise Cloud Deployment: A Myth of Control?

By Rhys Dipshan |

Higher data loss and cyberattack risks can plague on-premise cloud environments, but are third party cloud providers any better?

AT&T. Washington, D.C. November 11, 2014. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Amid Drive for Tech-Savvy Workforce, AT&T Faces Suit for Age Bias

By Charles Toutant |

AT&T has conducted large-scale layoffs with the intent and effect of removing older employees and replacing them with younger workers, according to the suit.

Navigating the New Sources of Electronically Stored Information

By Brett Anders and Ana Shields, Jackson Lewis |

The first part of a two-part series exploring how emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, are transforming the legal profession.

David C. Silver of Silver Law Group, Coral Springs.

Banking on Bitcoin: An Attorney's Big Stake in Cryptocurrency Litigation

By Samantha Joseph |

A South Florida firm is entering into largely uncharted territory, building a litigation practice around crypto-currencies such as bitcoin.

L-R Andrew Cunningham, MinterEllison consulting practice leader, Tony Harrington, MinterEllison CEO and Brendan Welsh, IT Newscom CEO.

Australia's MinterEllison Ventures Into IT Consulting

By Anna Zhang |

The firm continues expansion outside of law by acquiring Sydney-based technology advisory firm ITNewcom.

Veterans Get a Legal Checkup with New Online Tool

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The “Veterans Legal Checkup” aims to help veterans diagnose potential legal issues, particularly in employment, family law and housing.

Scott Reents, lead attorney for data analytics and e-discovery at Cravath, Swaine & Moore.

The New E-Discovery: Q&A With Cravath's Head of Data Analytics

By Ben Hancock |

Scott Reents spoke with The Recorder about the skills required of e-discovery professionals today, what legal tech vendors need to do better, and more.

Brexit Boon? UK Ahead of EU, US in GDPR Preparation

By By Rhys Dipshan |

Corporations in the U.K., U.S. and EU are preparing for the GDPR at vastly different speeds.

Cravath Inks Deal With AI Company Part-Owned by Top UK Firm

By Chris Johnson |

Cravath, Swaine & Moore has joined the law firms turning to AI by signing a deal with British software company Luminance.

Corporate Transactions,Mergers.

Achieving Cultural Alignment After a Legal Tech Merger

By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors |

Ari Kaplan spoke with Lighthouse eDiscovery’s Brian McManus about the aftermath of the company’s merger with Discovia and more.

Podcast: Suing For Security and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has a certain allure. You can set your home at just the right temperature, or ask Alexa about the First Amendment. But if there was one takeaway from the Mirai botnet debacle that weaponized over a million internet cameras, it was this: a lot of these devices have serious security flaws. And those flaws, naturally, have opened the door to lawsuits.

Blakes to Offer Subsidized Legal Services to Canadian Startups

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

The Canadian firm will offer free legal services to a set of startups in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor.

Nothing to LOL About: E-Discovery of Texts On the Rise

By Ryan G. Pitman and James M. Paulino II, Goldberg Segalla |

Recent court decisions should put all organizations on notice: Texts are discoverable, and failure to plan accordingly may result in problems.

LinkedIn Spars With Data-Mining Company Over Access to Profiles

By Ross Todd |

LinkedIn claims that hiQ's scraping activities, which use data from public LinkedIn profiles to create analytics tools, were prohibited under the site's terms of service.

cybersecurity, digital

Law Firms Strike Back Against Cyber Attacks: BakerHostetler’s Ransomware Response Team

By Ian Lopez |

BakerHostetler has put together a breach response team with specialists from health care, privacy and data protection, and other industries to respond to cybersecurity incidents for organizations.

DLA Piper Slowly Recovers After Ransomware Attack

By Katelyn Polantz |

Email and phone service at the firm appeared to be down across the firm’s U.S. offices until Friday, but now services have been restored.

The IGP and CFSR: Transitioning Your E-Discovery Career Into a Cybersecurity One

By Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners |

The second part of this look at cybersecurity education and certifications explores two certifications that touch on both cybersecurity and e-discovery: the IGP and CFSR.

K2 Intelligence Launches Tech Lab, Underscores Managed Services Influence in E-Discovery

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The firm will launch its own in-house technology lab to retrofit companies with tailored compliance and cybersecurity technology.

NJ Courts Extending Reach of Jurisdiction to Nonresident Hackers

By Charles Toutant |

Two recent New Jersey decisions have asserted jurisdiction over accused hackers who have no connection to the state, but allegedly sought to inflict harm on Garden State residents.

IRS to Scale Back Bitcoin Account Data Request

By Ross Todd |

Federal tax enforcement officials have asked Coinbase to sift through reams of data for U.S. customers to allow the government to search for unreported income.

Law Librarian? Try Chief Knowledge Officer

By Mary Ellen Egan |

Our annual survey shows that in an era of digital change, the job of law librarian is evolving rapidly.

Sorry Singles, Legal Tech Innovation Is Family Affair

By Rhys Dipshan |

For some legal technology companies, the true spark and support for innovation lies with one’s spouses and children.

Mark A. Berman.

NYSBA Makes Ganfer & Shore Partner Chair of New Legal Tech Education Committee

By Ian Lopez |

Mark Berman will head a committee tasked with examining how fields like AI, e-discovery and cybersecurity are impacting the practice of law.

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) building.

Former CFTC Fintech Adviser: 'Regulators Do Not Move at the Pace of Startups'

By Stephanie Forshee |

Hans Morris argues that despite recent announcements, 'less than one-quarter of a percent has actually changed.'


Kira Systems and HighQ to Launch Integration Between Two Systems

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The integration will allow users to easily access data from either product in either platform.

Fighting Fraud in France: How Sapin II and E-Discovery Technology Can Help

By James Farnell, KrolLDiscovery |

As Sapin II comes into force, it will be increasingly important to turn to technology solutions to audit compliance programs and investigate fraud.

Computer Hacker.

DLA Piper Isn’t Alone—40 Percent of Law Firms Unaware of Breaches

By Ian Lopez |

A survey of 200 U.S. firms found that many law firms are unprepared for cyberattacks, and it’s hurting their standing with clients.

nsa logo

Can Law Firms Sue NSA for Data Breaches? Lawyers Say Good Luck

By Cogan Schneier |

Hackers may have used NSA tools to execute this week’s global cyberattack, but lawyers say it would be nearly impossible for the victims, which include law firms, to sue the agency.

Federal Trade Commission

GM's Top Cyber Official Warns FTC Not to Repeat History

By C. Ryan Barber |

While their life-saving potential is clear, connected cars raise significant cybersecurity concerns. Jeff Massimilla addressed those concerns at an FTC and NHTSA conference.

Ransomware Attack

Your Law Firm Got Hacked. What Do You Do Now?

By Rhys Dipshan |

A four-step guide to how law firms can limit their exposure to further cyber theft and legal liabilities after an attack.

U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

US Lawmakers Want Feds to Steer Driverless Car Rules

By Cheryl Miller |

U.S. House Republicans have unveiled 14 draft bills that seek to expand the federal government’s role in setting rules for road-ready highly autonomous vehicles.

LLM Integrates Reporting Into Its Review Management Platform

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

With the integration, LLM looks to give users actual insights on litigation directly in the review platform.

Disaster Recovery Plans

What Promises Will Your DRaaS Provider Make? A Look at SLAs

By Jeff Ton, Bluelock |

Ensure your firm’s disaster recovery needs are met by thinking about these service-level agreement stipulations ahead of time.

Ransomware Attack on DLA Piper Puts Law Firms, Clients on Red Alert

By Roy Strom |

The implications of network-crippling malware may be just as damaging for a deadline-driven service industry that holds the fate of companies’ legal issues in its palm.

Move Over Humans, The Machines are Here to Investigate

By Rhys Dipshan |

Tasked with finding needles in digital haystacks, modern investigations look to move beyond the limitations of human review with technologies like document review and data analytics.

Bradley Serwin, Glassdoor general counsel

Glassdoor's GC Warns of 'Chilling Effect' in Subpoena Dispute With Feds

By Erin Mulvaney |

Glassdoor general counsel Brad Serwin spoke on the case over whether the company can be forced to reveal identities of eight people who posted anonymous reviews.

LexisNexis Introduces Lexis Answers, an AI-Infused Expansion for Search

By Zach Warren |

Lexis Answers aims to use natural language during searches rather than keywords or Boolean syntax, anticipating questions and linking directly to relevant text.

Objectors Slam No-Cash Settlement in Facebook Message-Scanning Suit

By Ross Todd |

Facebook reached a $3.8 million deal to settle a privacy class action earlier this year, all of which goes to attorneys for the plaintiffs.

Data Breach.

DLA Piper Hit by Cyber Attack, Phones and Computers Down Across the Firm

By James Booth |

The shutdown appears to have been caused by a ransomware attack, similar to the WannaCry attack that hit organizations such as the NHS last month.

Cloud computing

E-Discovery Research Reveals a Focus on Cloud Adoption, In-Sourcing and Client Service

By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors |

Ari Kaplan on his research of in-house and Am Law 200 e-discovery counsel, exploring current challenges and where companies are making investments.

Rush to Comply: Informatica Seeks to Capitalize on GDPR Anxiety

By Rhys Dipshan |

The information governance provider has positioned its products to help identify and manage in-house data that falls under GDPR compliance.

The Texas Supreme Court Provides a ‘Form of Production’ Road Map for Litigants

By Carolyn Southerland, Morae Global |

Through In re State Farm Lloyds, Relator, the court provided a road map for resolution of parties’ disputes regarding form of production in e-discovery.

Microsoft's data center in Dublin, Ireland.

Government Asks SCOTUS to Overturn Microsoft Decision on Overseas Data

By Ben Hancock |

A SCOTUS decision could introduce some clarity over whether prosecutors can enforce warrants for private data stored abroad in the cloud.

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield/Wellpoint in Richmond, VA. September 19, 2015. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Anthem Agrees to Record $115M Data Breach Settlement

By Ross Todd |

If approved, the deal would be the largest data breach settlement in history.

3 Ways Cybersecurity in Highly Targeted Industries is the Same

By Rhys Dipshan |

High risk industries commonly have valuable data and trade secrets, and porous security foundations.

Raphael Golb and 'The Great Isaiah Scroll'

Conviction Over Internet Aliases Argued in Dead Sea Scrolls Case

By Andrew Denney |

Under the plain language of New York's third-degree forgery statute, many of President Donald Trump's Twitter followers, the author of the Federalist Papers and others who have used pseudonyms could be prosecuted, an attorney for blogger and disbarred lawyer Raphael Golb argued Friday before a federal appeals court. Such a broad reading would be unworkable, even absurd, attorney Ronald Kuby said in argument to a federal appeals panel.

Credibility Concerns, Tactful TAR Application Top Trends for Spring E-Discovery Case Law

By Ian Lopez |

Exterro’s spring 2017 recap of e-discovery case law highlighted changing views on technology in litigation.

Judge Robert Scola.

How a Miami Court Ruling Could Affect ADA Compliance Nationwide

By Celia Ampel |

U.S. District Judge Robert Scola ruled Winn-Dixie Stores violated a blind customer's rights by not making its website usable via screen reader software.

Then There Were Many: FTI Enters Contract Intelligence Services Market

By By Rhys Dipshan |

With its newly launched Contract Intelligence Services, FTI Technology looks to leverage its reputation and relationships to compete with a growing number of contract vendors.

The Toronto skyline.

Canadian Firm Launches Fund Targeting Tech Industry Clients

By Meghan Tribe |

Blake, Cassels & Graydon has earmarked C$1 million (roughly $756,000) to subsidize the legal costs for 30 to 40 startups in the Canadian technology scene.

Cooley Seeks Collaborative Inspiration With GitHub 'Series Seed' Documents

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Firm hosts tech experiment that allows attorney-client collaboration

New York Regulators Approve Virtual Currency Company's Expansion to Washington State

By Josefa Velasquez |

Superintendent Maria Vullo said the agreement shows the state's "ability to rapidly respond to, and effectively foster, fintech business models."

Kent Walker, Google general counsel

Google's Top Lawyer Says Digital-Evidence Law Needs 'Fundamental Realignment'

By C. Ryan Barber |

Since the dawn of the digital age, tech companies have grappled with the protection of privacy rights amid demands from foreign and domestic authorities seeking evidence for investigations. Those competing pressures have meant a tricky balancing act—but Google's top lawyer has some ideas for making it easier.

Data Breach.

Jackson Lewis and Merchants Information Solutions Team Up for Cybersecurity Alliance

By Zach Warren |

The partnership between Merchants’ SmartIDentity for Business platform and Jackson Lewis cybersecurity counsel is part of a growing focus on enterprise-wide breach response.

Justin Kan, heading the mystery Silicon Valley legal tech project Atrium

Atrium Courts VCs and Tech Leaders Who Could Eventually Become Customers

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The company brought in $10 million in investments from 90 different sources.

Avvo, LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer Declared Off-Limits by N.J. Supreme Court

By David Gialanella |

Avvo facilitates improper fee-splitting, while LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer operate legal service plans that aren't registered with the judiciary, according to the June 21 opinion.

Darlene Tonelli, Inter Alia Law and Codify Legal Publishing

Women of Legal Tech: Rock & Roll & Law

By Monica Bay |

Darlene Tonelli's experience in the music industry set the frame for legal shops at Inter Alia Law and Codify Legal Publishing.

Abdi Shayesteh

Ex-Big Law Associate Sells Experience With Legal Startup

By Meghan Tribe |

Abdi Shayesteh, a former King & Spalding associate who held several Big Law and in-house roles, has created an online platform called AltaClaro that links lawyers to top legal professionals that provide mentorship and counseling necessary to advance their legal careers.

Lex Machina Announces Commercial Litigation as Next Rollout in Analytics Platform Expansion

By Ian Lopez |

The move is the latest in the company’s attempt to expand its analytics to all areas of federal practice.

Partnering for Success: The Role of the Partnership in Legal Tech

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

CloudNine's partnership program speaks to the role of relationships for legal tech sales.

3 Ways Antitrust Law Could Collide With Big Data

By Ben Hancock |

Greater tech industry consolidation could lead to cases that test the bounds of traditional competition law.

N.J. Justices: Data Fields in Extracted Emails Are Public Records

By Charles Toutant |

The Supreme Court of New Jersey has ruled that individual fields of data from electronically stored public records are subject to disclosure under the Open Public Records Act.

5 Legal Consequences of Diving ‘All In’ on Social Media

By Benjamin Znaty and Marc Schuler, Bird & Bird |

Companies and lawyers should begin to learn the laws of individual platforms before trying to apply national and local legal concepts.

Winning? US Is Top in Corporate Data Breach Costs Thanks to Legal

By Rhys Dipshan |

An IBM and Ponemon Institute study found indirect costs such as litigation make the United States the most expensive country for corporations to suffer a data breach.

San Francisco skyline with Golden Gate Bridge

Silicon Savings: BayLegal and One Legal Announce Legal Aid Partnership

By Rhys Dipshan |

Legal tech provider One Legal's partnership with Bay Area Legal Aid includes a revenue-sharing program and the ongoing donation of legal technology and services.

Reed Smith's New App Offers Initial Data Breach Notification Assessment

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The firm looks to make data breach notification laws a little more interesting than your average chart allows.


FINRA's New Fintech Initiative To Increase Access for Companies

By Stephanie Forshee |

FINRA's initiative includes launching a new fintech webpage, a blockchain symposium, and a cross-departmental team for real-time intelligence.

California Pushes Internet Privacy Rules That Trump Repealed

By Cheryl Miller |

California on Monday joined more than a dozen other states in introducing internet privacy legislation after the repealing of Obama-era information sharing rules.

Overcoming the E-discovery Shot Clock Challenge

By Howard Reissner, Planet Data |

By marrying people and technology, mid-sized firms can go to the hoop more often, with more success, even with a shortened time to litigation.

(L to R)  Kermit Wallace, chief information officer of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, Ben Alden, general counsel of Betterment and Frank Ziller, chief information officer of Intelliteach, at the 7th annual Law Firm CFO CIO COO Forum, in New York on June 15, 2017.

Will Technology's Role in Legal Services Reshape How Law Is Practiced?

By Ian Lopez |

As technology gets better, legal professionals are increasingly divided on the implications for their profession.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

In First-of-Its-Kind Ruling, SCOTUS Strikes Down Law Barring Social Media Use by Sex Offenders

By Tony Mauro |

In a unanimous decision written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the court made numerous references to the importance of social media as a source of news and a forum for the exchange of views.

Glassdoor Resists Feds' Bid to Unmask Reviewers

By Ben Hancock |

Glassdoor has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to block an attempt by federal prosecutors to unmask reviewers as part of a grand jury investigation.

Left to right: Kimball D. Parker, founder, CO/COUNSEL and Gordon Smith, dean, BYU Law School

BYU Law School Announces Creation of LawX Legal Design Lab

By Zach Warren |

The semester-long program for second and third year law students will seek to address the pressing issues relating to access to legal services.

Modern Oversight of Modern Information Risk

By Matt Kelly, RadicalCompliance |

No company can ever ‘solve’ the problem of information risk, but with the right policies and technology, they can govern it.

Weil Launches App to Connect Clients, Firm Alumni

By Miriam Rozen |

Lawyers who leave Weil often "do great things," explained Kito Huggins, the firm's director of executive administration, who helped create the app. And, he added: "Many of them are our clients." 

Attorneys on Social Media: A Snitch State?

By Rhys Dipshan |

A Legalweek West session examined an attorney's unethical posts on social media, and the legal responsibility to report such behavior.

U.S. Treasury Department in Washington

Trump Administration Has Big Thing Against Public Databases

By C. Ryan Barber |

Companies, raising reputational concerns, have long griped about agencies that post consumer complaints and other data. Republicans are now taking up that cause.

Andrew Bye.

Machine Learning Realities and Fictions: A Q&A With Catalyst’s Andrew Bye

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Catalyst’s Andrew Bye talks machine learning, hype deflation and how TAR has grown over his time in the e-discovery market.

Ways to Encourage Adoption of 3 Key Legal Tech Solutions

By Thomas Suh, LTL Attorneys |

Encouraging attorneys in your firm to adopt TAR, case management tools and artificial intelligence may be difficult, but it is increasingly necessary.

Data center with hard drives

Defensible Disposition in Action: The Backup Tapes Dilemma

By Rhys Dipshan |

A Legalweek West session offers anecdotal insight into how defensible data dispositions unfold, and some of the strategies and legal risks to consider.

(Lto R) Daniel Garrie, Managing Partner of Law & Forensics, Gabrielle Taran, Assistant General Counsel for Cyber and Infrastructure Programs at the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, James Quinn, Head of Security Architecture at Infotecs Americas, Nicholas Barone, IT Forensics Expert and Data Breach Responder, Director and Co-Head of the Cybersecurity Practice at Eisner Amper LLP, and Timothy Murphy, President of Thomson Reuters Special Services LLC, at the 7Th Annual Law Firm CFO CIO COO Forum, in New York on June 15, 2017.

Experts to Firm Leaders: Cybersecurity is the Biggest Public and Private Sector Threat

By Ian Lopez |

As incidents abound, experts are still pushing for that cybersecurity wakeup call and are now pursuing the attention of the C-Suite.

Exploring the ‘Blurred Boundaries’ of the Enterprise: A Chat with Cliff Dutton

By Zach Warren |

Clifton C. ‘Cliff’ Dutton recently moved from AIG to become DTI’s new chief innovation officer. He talked with LTN shortly after on what ‘innovation’ means to him and more.

SunTrust Hit With Suit Over Banker's Explicit LinkedIn Message

By Ross Todd |

The lawsuit brings claims of sexual harassment and intentional infliction of emotional harm against Eichler as well as the bank and its investment arm where he worked, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey Inc.

Unpacking Open Source Licensing: What Tech Developers Need To Know

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Panelists at Legalweek West look to demystify open source licensing for developers and attorneys.

The Justices Don't Have Much Guidance for Handling Trump's Tweets

By Marcia Coyle |

Lower courts don't offer much guidance on how to resolve clashes between presidential speech and the U.S. Justice Department's litigation positions, Kate Shaw of Yeshiva University Cardozo School of Law found in a forthcoming article. In "Beyond the Bully Pulpit: Presidential Speech in the Courts," Shaw undertook what she called "the first systematic examination of presidential speech in the courts." Shaw talks about her review in this Q&A with senior Washington correspondent Marcia Coyle.

The New FRE Rule 902 Should Lead to Litigation Cost Savings, Experts Say

By Rhys Dipshan |

Speakers at Legalweek West explained how the recent FRE changes makes presenting evidence in court less costly and burdensome for litigators.

Kathleen McConnell, Seyfarth Shaw and Thomas Barnett Paul Hastings

The Present and Future of Analytics at Today’s Law Firms

By Zach Warren |

A panel of law firm attorneys discussed their strategies and predictions for analytics in e-discovery, litigation and more at Legalweek West.

Paul Bond and Mark Melodia, with Reed Smith.

Law Firm Apps Designed to Impress Clients—and to Win Them

By Miriam Rozen |

Reed Smith's information technology, privacy and data security group launched an app this month for their firm that helps corporate clients quickly research state laws mandating consumer notification of data breaches.

Adopt or Perish? Attorneys and Vendors Battle Over AI Adoption

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

A fiery discussion between technologists and lawyers reflects a need for further education.

Ask the Legal Tech Marketer: How to Maintain Long-Term Client Satisfaction

By LTN Staff |

Industry insiders provide tips on providing the services needed to guarantee client satisfaction.

Businessman hand holding money banknote for paying the key from hacker for unlock folder got ransomware malware virus computer. Vector illustration technology data privacy and security concept.

Taking Stock of Ransomware: What It Is, and Why You Should Care

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

A Legalweek West panel offered quick solutions to mitigate the ransomware dilemma and explored the 'should I pay' question.

The Cybersecurity Contradiction: Simple Attacks, Devastating Effects

By Rhys Dipshan |

At Legalweek's Day 2 Keynote, FBI executive M. K. Palmore pulls back the curtain on how cyberattacks are executed and why it can be so easy—and difficult— to prevent them.

3 Realities of Modern Cybersecurity

By Rhys Dipshan |

The new era of data protection and regulation is far from fool proof, but more realistic and comprehensive than ever before.

Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Laporte, United States District Court for the Northern District of California

You Can Probably Use Forensic Collections. But Should You?

By Zach Warren |

The 'Forensics 2.0' panel at Legalweek West brought together a judge, in-house counsel and others to run through when forensic collection and analysis is worthwhile.

3 New Technology Positions Finding a Foothold in Modern Legal

By Rhys Dipshan |

A legal week panel discusses growing technology careers paths in legal outside of the e-discovery and cybersecurity bastions.

TransPerfect Says Ex-Employees Lack Standing to Sue Over Data Breach

By Tom McParland |

Employees of TransPerfect Global who said they faced "increased risk" of identity theft after their personal information was stolen in a January 2017 data breach lack standing to sue because they had not suffered an actual or impending injury, attorneys for the company said last week in filings in New York federal court.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission building in Washington.

We’ve Been Hacked—What Do We Need to Disclose in Our SEC Filings?

By William Brady, Karen Neuman and Kara Harrington |

Review how to comply with potential reporting and other disclosure obligations following a cyber incident.

Cutting Through the Confusion of China’s Cybersecurity Law

By Zach Warren |

The opening workshop and Legalweek West attempted to answer some of the pressing questions about the China law—and explore why there are so many questions in the first place.

Ninth Circuit Hits Pause on Cellphone Tracking Case

By Ross Todd |

The Ninth Circuit said it will delay its decision pending the outcome of a similar case granted cert by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ain’t No Stopping AI Now

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

DISCO’s recent launch of its artificial intelligence analysis tool for e-discovery can give attorneys a refresher course on some key concepts in AI.

The Layered Federal and State Cybersecurity Regulation of Financial Services Firms

By Brian Neil Hoffman, Romaine Marshall and Matt Sorensen, Holland & Hart, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

Cybercrime poses an ever-increasing threat to consumers of financial products and services, and now individual states are increasingly joining federal agencies in the regulatory game.

Fenwick Beefs Up Cybersecurity Practice With Paul Hastings, Industry Pros

By Christine Simmons |

Fenwick & West has hired James Koenig as a partner and co-leader of its privacy and cybersecurity practice in New York. Koenig said the practice is also hiring non-lawyer privacy and security advisers, making Fenwick the latest firm to say it can offer clients much more than traditional legal advice by having a multidisciplined team.

The E-discovery Do’s And Don’ts in Federal Investigations

By Rhys Dipshan |

A Legalweek West session looks at how to navigate the disparate e-discovery guidelines of investigatory agencies and the biggest challenges companies will face.

The Future is Now for Applying Analytics to the Law Firm

By Zach Warren |

A Legalweek West panel will cover why lawyers need analytics, and what the right combination of tools should be to perfect your case.

Linkedin website on a computer screen.

Tech Startup Wants Court-Ordered Protection From LinkedIn

By P.J. D'Annunzio |

By scraping publicly available data from LinkedIn, hiQ creates analytics for employers of LinkedIn's members.

Hidden Bias in the Black Box: Info Gov as a Key Check to Algorithmic Bias

By Jason R. Baron, Drinker Biddle & Reath |

From an IG perspective, how can management provide some kind of check on the sometimes naïve, sometimes sophisticated corporate use of algorithms?

digital evidence

Evidence Authentication 101: How Rule 902 Will (And Won’t) Change Civil Litigation

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The new Federal Rule of Evidence 902 amendments have attempted to ease complexity and costs, but some are still learning to navigate the new rule.

return on investments

3 Ways to Sell Your Legal Tech Project to Corporate Management

By Rhys Dipshan |

Securing management support for legal technology projects is an essential requirement for its success, but it's oftentimes also one of the biggest challenges.

LexisNexis Legal & Professional Acquires Research Company Ravel Law

By Zach Warren |

Ravel Law is known for its open-source database partnership with Harvard Law Library, as well as its judicial analytics and data visualization technology.

Contract Management

Exari to Acquire Contract Data Discovery Company Adsensa

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The contract management market may be building steam, or at least building out its analytics capacities.

The Power of LDA Algorithms and How They Help Text Mine Your Documents

By Rees Morrison, Juris Datoris |

LDA can work its wonders on any set of documents: client satisfaction comments, documents obtained in discovery or due diligence, annual reports and more.

'A Great Target for Cyber-crime': WannaCry Attacks Push Firm Tech Security Up the Agenda

By Alex Berry |

With cyber-attacks continuing to make headlines, partners and IT security experts discuss the implications for law firms.

Think AI Contract Review is Easy? It All Depends on the Training

By Rhys Dipshan |

When the legal department at Baxter needed to quickly review a large batch of contracts, it turned to AI. But the technology was far from ready out of the box.

Legal Departments See More Operations Staff, Emphasis on Predictive Reporting

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

A Thomson Reuters report finds that legal operations teams are now a hallmark of over half of corporate legal departments.

The Intelligence Squared debate on Tuesday night in San Francisco. Stewart Baker (from left), John Yoo, moderator John Donvan, Michael Chertoff, and Catherine Crump.

Wannacry, London and Apple: Bush-Era Officials Debate Encryption

By Ben Hancock |

The topic of the debate was whether tech companies should be required to help law enforcement execute warrants to access customer data, but it quickly delved into other realms.

Maneuvering the Madness of Cyber and ESI Education & Certification

By Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners |

Step one: Get the basics quickly, and stay ahead of the curve professionally.

Three Corporate Legal Ops Paths, One Goal: Tackling E-Discovery Spend

By Rhys Dipshan |

At the ACC Legal Operations conference, legal operation managers at Bank of America, Groupon, and Abbott explained how they reined in their e-discovery budgets.

Digital Forensics 2.0: Rethinking the Digital Footprint

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Panelists at next week’s Legalweek West Coast are slated to address the shifting use and role of digital forensics in corporate legal matters.

Metrics in Motion: Two Ops Managers Share Stories of Analytics Implementations

By Rhys Dipshan |

Legal ops managers at PG&E and AbbVie discuss the complexities and drivers behind their legal department’s recent metrics implementation.

Texas Bar Foundation Grants Law Library Funds for Legal Tech Training

By Mary Alice Robbins |

The Harris County Law Library will use the grant funds for its Hands-on Legal Training Program, offered through the library's Legal Tech Institute.

SCOTUS Will Take Up Cellphone Tracking Case

By Ross Todd |

The court announced Monday that it had granted certiorari in United States v. Carpenter, an appeal of a decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Where Machine Learning and AI Fit into the Legal Research Puzzle

By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors |

On a recent podcast, Ari Kaplan spoke with LexisNexis’s Jeff Pfeifer on machine learning, Big Data, and the possibilities of analytics with today’s tools.

A Sample Solution: The Hybrid Technique for Validating Categorical Privilege Logs

By Kathleen McDowell and Bobby Malhotra, Munger, Tolles and Olson |

This hybrid approach to privilege logging can reduce the number of documents to be individually logged while providing transparency and defensibility.

Failing is Learning: 3 Legal Ops Considerations for Creating Consistent Success

By Rhys Dipshan |

The ACC Legal Operations conference kicked off with a look how best to deploy and maintain a successful legal operations team.

When One Door Closes: Firm Manager’s Discontinuation Prompts Market Frenzy

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

As practice management companies are quickly noticing, one company’s demise can be another’s beginning in a cloud software world.

Douglas Stanford of K&L Gates.

Clients Balking at Attorney Fees? K&L Gates Has an Algorithm for It

By Samantha Joseph |

The firm has developed an algorithm that prices each element of a deal to avoid sticker shock in a slowing market.

Ransomware: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Mark Sangster, eSentire, Cybersecurity Law and Strategy |

Ransomware has quickly emerged as a billion dollar industry and shows no sign of slowing down. So why is ransomware the ubiquitous nuisance it is? Simple: It works.

Will the Supreme Court Follow Trump's Tweets?

By Tony Mauro |

The president attacked the courts and his own Justice Department in a flurry of early-morning tweets regarding his travel ban order.

Tyler Technologies Acquires Online Dispute Resolution Platform Modria

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Small claims could move online as Modria is integrated into Odyssey File and Serve, the company’s proprietary court e-file technology.

4 Things Corporate Counsel Should Know About China’s Cybersecurity Law

By Rhys Dipshan |

With severe penalties for noncompliance, familiarity with China’s newly enacted Cybersecurity Law is a must for any multinational or local company.

E-Discovery Organization ACEDS Expands With Philadelphia Chapter

By Lizzy McLellan |

The new Philadelphia chapter of the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists held its first meeting May 24.

Negative Ratings

This Startup Helps Clients Dish on Their Law Firms. Will the Firms Listen?

By Miriam Rozen |

For law firms, a Qualmet subscription would offer customized reports that include their own scores from clients, as well as scores for their rivals. But no firms have signed up.

Person holding smarthphone with technology light applications comming out

App Bar: Perkins Coie CoinLaw, FBI Wanted and More

By Jesse Londin |

A look inside four apps revolutionizing the world of law this June, from blockchain regulations to the U.S. Constitution to NYC parking tickets.

Tara Swaminatha, partner at Data Privacy & Cybersecurity partner Squire Patton Boggs.

Former DOJ Cyber Prosecutor Says There’s Reason to be Optimistic

By Rhys Dipshan |

Tara Swaminatha, now a data privacy and cybersecurity partner at Squire Patton Boggs, offers her take on the state of corporate cybersecurity efforts.

Orange County Judge Jeff Ferguson

California Judge Admonished for 'Reckless' Facebook Post

By Cheryl Miller |

The Orange County judge had claimed on Facebook that a prosecutor was sleeping with a defense attorney whose cases she was overseeing.

Ransomware in Review: 8 Prevention and Response Tips for Your Organization

By Ian Lopez |

Electronic data is defining the business world, and with its benefits come many threats. Here’s how experts think organizations should protect against ransomware.

Barriers Remain to Letting US Fintechs Play in the Regulatory 'Sandbox'

By Stephanie Forshee |

Recent developments beg the question: Will the U.S. at any point introduce a regulatory sandbox like those seen in the United Kingdom or Singapore?

(l-r) Jeffrey Marple, Innovation Director Corporate Legal, Kiran Mallavarapu, Senior Vice President and Manager, Legal Strategic Services, seated, and Robert Taylor, Vice President, Senior Corporate Counsel & Manager, with Liberty Mutual Insurance. March 31, 2017.

Inside Liberty Mutual's Legal Tech Transformation

By Rhys Dipshan |

How one century-old legal department is leveraging data, deploying tools and changing corporate culture to prepare for the future of law.

data integration database connect media files chart symbol analysis vector

AbacusNext Acquires OfficeTools, Eyeing Expansion Into Spend Management

By Rhys Dipshan |

The acquisition is the latest for Abacus after its purchase of Amicus Attorney, CloudNine and Results Software.

Actiance Partnership with Hootsuite Marks Growing Social Media Compliance Need

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The data archiving platform and the social media publishing platform will partner to capture data before and after publication.

Cornell Law professor James Grimmelmann

For Law Students with a Startup Streak, Cornell Is an Island Unto Itself

By Karen Sloan |

The BuddyBear looks much like any other cuddly teddy bear from the front, except for the small camera embedded in its furry white chest. Turn the bear around, however, and the screen mounted to its back displays emoticons that translate the emotions of people in real time.

A High-Tech Helping Hand: The Marriage of Pro Bono and Technology

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Bar associations across the country are seeking technology platforms to help mobilize attorneys and create a more resilient legal assistance community.

LTPI Reveals Adaptable Model Code of Conduct for Legal Technology Companies

By Zach Warren |

The document, written from the perspective of a legal technology company, aims to establish ethical standards and guidelines for the legal technology community.

What to Do if a Computer Hacker Breaches Your Firm Trust Account

By Shari Klevens and Randy Evans, Dentons |

What happens when a cybersecurity event implicates a firm trust account? Are lawyers liable when a computer hacker steals client funds?

Theodore “Jack” Metzler, the lawyer who runs the @SCOTUSplaces Twitter account.

Meet the Government Lawyer Who Tweets '@SCOTUSplaces'

By Marcia Coyle |

Jack Metzler, a government appellate lawyer in Washington, took to Twitter in 2013 to share his fascination with the U.S. Supreme Court and places connected to it—giving rise to the handle @SCOTUSplaces. Along the way, he picked up more than 4,200 followers and discovered a surprisingly growing and engaging appellate practitioner community. We caught up with Metzler this week about his account and the growing and engaging appellate practitioner community on social media.

Need to Start Prepping for GDPR? There’s an App for That

By Ian Lopez |

Hogan Lovells has developed an app for organizations looking to shore up GDPR compliance efforts.

Don't Forget Small Data: Inside GE Select Connect

By Brad Blickstein, Blickstein Group |

Intimidated by Big Data? GE's law department believes it found a simple answer.

LexisNexis' Federal Civil Procedure Guide Looks to Cater to 'YouTube Generation'

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The digital edition of The Wagstaffe Group Practice Guide: Federal Civil Procedure Before Trial contains over 150 explanatory videos.

The FTC sent letters to companies and celebrities reminding them of their obligation to disclose the business relationships behind product promotions on social media.

How In-House Lawyers Responded to the FTC's 'Influencer' Letters

By C. Ryan Barber |

The National Law Journal obtained several responses from companies that received letters from the FTC this year urging greater disclosures of any paid relationships that involve so-called social media influencers.

What Makes a Standout Law Firm Website? 3 Lessons From the Webbys

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The five law firm sites honored by this year's Webby Awards have some things in common, though they may not necessarily be best practices in the online legal community.

May is for M&A, but Where Does It Leave E-Discovery Staffing?

By Zach Warren |

E-discovery veteran Pete Smith gives his vantage point on e-discovery’s major changes and his new role at TRU Staffing Partners.

An Employee Spoke Out on, and Now the EEOC Is Suing His Company

By Erin Mulvaney |

The case is the latest example of how companies and courts are grappling with protections for employees as technology platforms evolve.

E-Discovery Automated: New Technology is Changing the Top Tools for Law Firms

By Ian Lopez |

E-discovery ushered in the era of legal technology. Now, newer technologies, and those using them, stand to change the tools and how they’re leveraged.

K. Randolph Peak, senior counsel with Perkins Coie.

A Security Check a Day Keeps the Lawsuit Away: The Differences with Healthcare Data

By Zach Warren |

Former healthcare GC Randy Peak, now at Perkins Coie, talks cybersecurity concerns in healthcare, data sharing among physicians, and what to ask vendors about data rights.

Ranking Firms on Motion Success, Ravel Law Launches Firm Analytics Tool

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The legal metrics platform provides law firms and legal departments a way to assess performance and compare law firms.

Facebook Fine Could Slow Future EU Launches

By David Ruiz |

The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) could also play a role in more aggressive enforcement efforts.

Anna McGrane, COO, PacerPro

Women of Legal Tech: The Value of a Little Elbow Grease

By Monica Bay |

Anna McGrane's legal career shifted when her brother asked her to fly to Texas for a conference. She's now COO at PacerPro.

iManage Acquires RAVN Systems in Move to Integrate AI for Users

By Ian Lopez |

iManage plans on integrating RAVN Systems’ technology to automate tasks around document sets.

Jenny Kim, vice president, law and policy group and associate general counsel, corporate legal group, at Intel Corp

Wanna Raise? Top Silicon Valley Counsel Give 8 Tips for Women Lawyers

By David Ruiz |

Top in-house lawyers at a Silicon Valley event focused on women and compensation in the legal industry shared this advice on how to get paid more.

Target to Pay $18.5M to States Over Data Breach

By P.J. D'Annunzio |

The May 23 settlement came after a multi-state investigation led by the Connecticut and Illinois Attorneys General Offices.

National Security Agency headquarters

4th Circuit Grants 2nd Chance for NSA Spying Lawsuit

By Cogan Schneier |

A Maryland district court dismissed the case in 2015, agreeing with the government’s position that the plaintiffs lacked standing.

IBM Launches Enterprise Blockchain Accelerator Program

By Rhys Dipshan |

The accelerator is a move by IBM to capitalize on the enterprise demand for blockchain enabled solutions.

Major Financial Institutions Make Landmark Blockchain Investment

By Stephanie Forshee |

Bank of America, Wells Fargo and HSBC are among the banks and financial firms that announced they would invest in R3’s distributed ledger technology.

The Law Firm Secondment: Thomson Reuters Explores a New Client Strategy

By Zach Warren |

Thomson Reuters has begun a secondment program where employees spend a short amount of time in-house at firms to aid tech problems. But does it work, and is it cost-savvy?

Jones Day Washington, D.C. offices.

Obama Cybersecurity Official Joins Jones Day

By Katelyn Polantz |

Samir Jain led a group within the White House National Security Council that responded to cyber threats and pursued anti-hacking initiatives.

The New Short-Term Solution: Inside the Growing Legal Gig Economy

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Legal contract and temporary work has exploded as attorneys face layoffs and a desire for flexibility, but not all is rosy for startups in the space.

Retired Judge Nan R. Nolan, of counsel with Redgrave.

Judge Nolan on Joining Redgrave, Life after the Bench, and the State of E-Discovery

By Ian Lopez |

E-discovery pioneer Judge Nan Nolan is joining Redgrave as of counsel. She recently provided Legaltech News with her views on e-discovery and some thoughts on her career.

Andrew P. Gold and Dee Dee Fischer, with Akerman.

'Shared' Password Leads to $3.73M Verdict Against Florida Company

By Celia Ampel |

A jury found Compass iTech had misappropriated trade secrets, interfered with a contract and breached the terms of service of an analytics company.

Tech Wins Big in TC Heartland, but ‘A Lot of Fighting’ Remains

By Scott Graham |

The TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods Group decision means many tech companies won't have to defend patent litigation in the Eastern District of Texas.

Striking Right Balance When Using FRE 502(d)

By Robert Coppola, QuisLex |

The idea behind FRE 502(d) to protect privileged information is straightforward, but how it impacts e-discovery strategy is more complicated.

'Speaking the Same Language': Leaders From Big Law Make the Case for Metric Sharing

By Ian Lopez |

Companies and their outside counsel are both collecting useful information that they're not sharing with one another. Should both parties be more transparent to achieve their goals?

N.Y. Court Officials Seek Greater Authority on E-Filing Mandates

By Jeff Storey |

A current prohibition requires the chief administrative judge to get legislative approval before ordering e-filing in matrimonial matters.

Social Media, Text Messaging Causing Anxiety for Financial Industry Compliance Officers

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

New electronic communications are causing headaches, but also new business opportunities, for financial services organizations.

Left to right: Peter Abreu CIO and Jonathan Cohen, partner and general counsel Shutts & Bowen

Shutts & Bowen Fought WannaCry Ransomware Attack with Cybersecurity Plan

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

Shutts' cybersecurity plan and technology helped to stop the attack before it got in or held any information hostage.

Advanced Discovery Acquires E-Discovery and Risk Management Company Altep

By Zach Warren |

Advanced Discovery’s CEO points to Altep’s risk management and cybersecurity capabilities as a key driver for the acquisition.

Microsoft Office 365

Despite Potential Cyber-Risks, Many Keep Office 365 Off Cloud: Report

By Rhys Dipshan |

Companies keeping Microsoft Office 365 workloads on-site have to be more attentive to security vulnerabilities.

TransPerfect-Linked Group Wants to Know How Company Custodian Spent $18 Million

By Tom McParland |

The group is seeking to unseal documents relating to at least 32 confidential transactions undertaken by Skadden partner Robert B. Pincus since he was appointed custodian.

Legislation Introduced to Ban Food Delivery Robots in San Francisco

By David Ruiz |

District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee, who introduced the bill, said his proposed ban is the only one of its kind that he is aware of in the country.

Judge OKs $10M Target Data Breach Settlement—Again

By Amanda Bronstad |

U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson came out with an order approving class certification in a $10 million data-breach settlement.

For Staffing, the History of E-Discovery Mirrors the Present of Cybersecurity

By Jared Coseglia, TRU Staffing Partners, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

Examining the current similarities between e-discovery and cybersecurity can be a predictor of future patterns in the cybersecurity staffing market.

Tackling the Automation Barrier: Inside Kim Technologies' New Legal Ops Platform

By Rhys Dipshan |

Geared toward legal operations, the platform allows legal departments to configure automated workflows without the help of IT personnel.

Lighthouse eDiscovery Acquires Discovia

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Global footprint and cloud innovation played a role in bringing the two companies together.


CFTC Announces Innovation Lab for Fintechs

By Stephanie Forshee |

CFTC acting chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo said the LabCTFC program will provide “21st century regulation for today’s digital markets.”

Data Security and the Expert Witness: 14 Security Questions to Ask Your Witness

By Margaret A. Daley, Berkeley Research Group |

It is not safe to assume that every expert will keep data secure simply because they say they will.

Executives walking inside gears

Your Shadow IT Problem Is Really an IT Collaboration Problem

By Rhys Dipshan |

A lack of dialogue between IT and the legal department is at the core of shadow IT and many other data security challenges.


What Happens When Your Practice Management Software Goes Dark?

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

LexisNexis decision to shutter its Firm Manager software could be a reminder to revisit firm data exit strategies.

Zapproved Announces Strategic Investment from Legal Tech Staple Vista Equity Partners

By Zach Warren |

Zapproved becomes the first company in Vista’s Endeavor Fund, focusing on enterprise software and data businesses under $30 million in revenue.

Wolters Kluwer Launches Beta Federal Developments Knowledge Center

By Rhys Dipshan |

The company’s Federal Developments Knowledge Center seeks to provide insight and analysis on the latest federal laws and regulations.

Casetext Unveils AI Brief Finder as Companion to CARA Research Platform

By Zach Warren |

CARA Brief Finder, available to all current CARA users, predicts relevant excerpts from briefs using artificial intelligence technology.

IBM Watson

IBM Says New Watson Tool Could Dramatically Reduce Outside Counsel Spend

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Outside Counsel Insights relies on cloud-based cognitive computing system Watson to reveal billing insights to in-house legal departments.

Chatbot or Not? 4 Questions Firms Should Ask

By Jaron Rubenstein, Rubenstein Technology Group |

Is chatbot technology a good fit for professional services like law firms? That depends on the problem it solves and the information involved.

NHS website affected by international computer cyber attack Ransomware cyber attack, London May 13 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

The WannaCry Attack: A Wake-up Call for Organizational Information Governance?

By Ian Lopez |

The sort of ransomware attack experts have warned about for years has happened. Now organizations need to examine their security postures.

American Bar Association in Chicago.

ABA Updates Guidance on Client Electronic Communication Confidentiality

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Attorneys may need to encrypt or otherwise secure client email to fulfill client confidentiality obligations.

Judge Moses

Attorney Faulted for 'Uninformative' Discovery in Russian TV Pirating Case

By Jason Grant |

S.D.N.Y. Magistrate Judge Barbara Moses called the plaintiff's discovery requests 'remarkably uninformative and, in a number of respects, implausible.'

Will Ransomware Attack Make Law Firms ‘WannaCry’?

By Roy Strom |

Luckily for U.S. law firms, it was unlikely that this particular ransomware attack hit many of them. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be prepared.

Uber headquarters, located at 1455 Market St. in San Francisco, CA.

Uber's Firing of 2 In-House Lawyers Raises Questions About Legal Culture

By Stephanie Forshee and Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

The two lawyers had expressed concerns about data-retention policies and allegedly made unauthorized contact with outside counsel.

Japan and China: New Data Protection and Transfer Laws Imminent in Asia Pacific

By Kate Chan, KrolLDiscovery |

Even as legal technology professionals prepare for the EU GDPR, do not disregard important data transfer and protection changes afoot in Asia.

Illustration by Greg Mably

Microsoft and Cisco Test the Waters With AI Contract Management Pilot Programs

By Rhys Dipshan |

Pilot projects help uncover the usefulness and limitations of artificial intelligence technology for contracts before committing significant resources and time.

The GDPR: Current Considerations for Corporate Legal Counsel and Discovery Teams

By Ryan Costello, eTERA Consulting, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

The purported penalty scheme and steep financial consequence of non-compliance to the GDPR is, without question, an effort to get companies of all stripes to stand up and take notice.

June Inderwies

Formal Policy or Not, New Jersey Firms 'Flex' Away

By David Gialanella |

The lawyers making up New Jersey's Big Law ranks aren't strangers to plugging in remotely. But the implementation and utilization of formal flextime policies varies by firm.

Cornell Law School.

Cornell Law Library's LawArXiv Removes Paywall from Scholarship, Goes Open Source

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Cornell Law Library participates in open source repository to house content from academics and researchers.

Five Critical Security Controls to Consider for Corporate Counsel Evaluations

By Joe Kelly, Legal Workspace, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

Controls established by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) are designed to be a 'concise, prioritized set of cyber practices created to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks.'

Beyond Broad Strokes: How CLOC Broke Down the Legal Industry’s Transition

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez and Rhys Dipshan |

The 2017 Corporate Legal Operations Consortium’s institute in Las Vegas proves that there are hundreds of lawyers, legal operations professionals and others in the profession who are open to changing some of that.

Bringing AI Contract Management into Your Legal Department? Here Are 4 Tips

By Rhys Dipshan |

Those new to AI contract solutions be may be surprised by the amount of training, upkeep and costs required to run these tools.

Financing and Leasing Technology Is a Strategic Advantage

By Scott McFetters |

Advances in technology and software are being made at an increasingly rapid pace. As a result, IT hardware obsolescence cycles are shrinking too. This period of exponential improvement with which we are all now familiar has shown time and again that there will continue to be breakthroughs in technology that deliver better, less expensive, and/or more robust products. How are you equipping your firm to succeed both in the present day and into the future?

Startups in Stealth Mode: Lying Low to Build Better

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Ironclad and Judicata are among a set of legal tech startups that have leaned into their anonymity to develop their businesses.

Pennsylvania State Capitol.

Pa. Supreme Court Number Hacked by Scammers

By Lizzy McLellan |

Scammers appear to be using a phone number for the state Supreme Court prothonotary’s office to obtain personal information or money from the people they call. The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts put out a warning Thursday after receiving calls back from the individuals who were targeted. The targeted individuals have said their caller ID shows that the calls are coming from “PA Courts,” at 717-781-6181.

Transforming Data with Time: The 4th Dimension of Legal Metrics

By Rhys Dipshan |

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) explains how measuring time to complete work enables legal departments to improve their operations and create efficiencies in-house

'Echo Is Not Spying On You,' Amazon Lawyer Declares

By C. Ryan Barber |

Months after Apple faced off with the FBI over an order to unlock an iPhone connected to the San Bernardino shooting investigation, Inc. was thrust center-stage in its own digital privacy debate when Arkansas prosecutors demanded data from a murder suspect's Echo device. Amazon initially objected to the demands last year, only to later grant access after the suspect consented to the release of the data. Speaking Thursday at a Consumer Federation of America conference in Washington, an in-house lawyer at Amazon stated flatly: "No, Echo is not spying on you."

Amazon Echo.

Thomson Reuters Brings Amazon Alexa to Timekeeping

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

"Alexa, make sure I'm actually documenting all my billable hours."

Finding Success from Failure: The Lessons of Telstra’s Legal Innovation Forum

By Zach Warren |

At the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium 2017 institute, Mick Sheehy, general counsel of finance, technology, innovation & strategy at Telstra, ran through the Innovation Forum with an assist from Lisa Leong and Tristan Forrester, client development coordinators at HSF. And what they displayed was a way to apply workflow innovation to the legal department itself to generate new ideas and excitement around new projects.

What to Expect When Implementing a Contract Management System

By Rhys Dipshan |

Gaining support for and actually implementing contract management systems is a tall order for any legal department. But it is all the more difficult when one is unsure of what to expect.

Legal's Tipping Point of Change

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Day two of CLOC’s annual institute focused on how the legal industry can change and improve with the times.


The “Business Judgment” Discovery Rule and its Impact on Information Governance

By Phil Favro, Driven |

A new trend supporting information governance focuses on the benefits IG offers in connection with proportionality-related litigation requirements.

3 Tips to Consider When First Implementing Knowledge Management

By Rhys Dipshan |

Seasoned KM experts say the biggest mistakes for new KM projects are to expect too much — and not keep it simple.

Jury's Still Out: 3 Ways Technology Is Trying to Aid in Jury Selection

By By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

There are some new developments in technology aimed at helping attorneys maneuver through voir dire. They're not all particularly helpful.

How Yahoo's Patent Team Uses 'Moneyball' Strategy in the Legal Department

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

David Ishimaru of Yahoo has translated the strategies used by the Oakland Athletics in Michael Lewis' bestseller, "Moneyball," into best practices for his patent team.

Mark Krotoski of Morgan Lewis & Bockius.

Big Tech’s Fight Over Foreign-Stored Data: A Podcast With Morgan Lewis Partner Mark Krotoski

By Ben Hancock |

How far should the arm of the law reach when it comes to data stored overseas? That’s a question that courts continue to struggle with, even after U.S. tech companies scored a landmark win last year in favor of limiting what authorities can obtain when it comes to foreign-stored data.

Corporate Legal’s Evolution Is Possible: Now it’s Your Turn

In spite of the intransigence commonly associated with legal professionals, there is an evolution afoot within legal departments in how they deliver and think of their services.

Making the Future Now: Corporate Legal Operations Experts on How They Use AI

By Zach Warren |

CLOC panelists assess their organization’s issues adopting artificial intelligence and how they’ve overcome them.

Making Sense of New Data Types in the App Age

By Tim Anderson and JR Jenkins, Law Journal Newsletters |

While the threat of "big data" — massive amounts of data inside an organization — has cast a shadow over IT and legal departments for several years, the real challenge can oftentimes be the variety. It's why we believe the real challenge is less about "big data" and more about "new data types" — that quickly defeat traditional collection and review tools and strategies.

Do Business, Regulatory Realities Trump Constitutional Principle in Gag Orders Fight?

By Rhys Dipshan |

Large tech companies’ ability to operate overseas may hinge largely on their challenges to gag orders prohibiting them from informing their customers of government collection

Judges Say E-Discovery Education at Both State and Federal Levels a Must

By Bob Rohlf, Exterro |

The cost could be high when judges and attorneys managing the bulk of litigation remain ill-informed about technology and the value of effective e-discovery.

Late Bloomers? Corporate Legal Lags in Tech-Related Savings, Study Finds

By Rhys Dipshan |

Though squeezed by tighter budgets, legal departments are not yet fully implementing cost-saving technology processes, The Blickstein Group-Exterro study found.

Richard Susskind on the Growing Influence of the Legal Operations Boss

By David Ruiz |

The future of legal departments will depend on the increasingly important roles of legal operations directors and chief operating officers of legal departments, according to author Richard Susskind, who has written several books on the future of legal and professional services.

When Organizations Fall Short on Cybersecurity, Do Law Firms Pick Up the Slack?

By Ian Lopez |

BakerHostetler’s cybersecurity report highlights the nature of company cybersecurity while illustrating the law firm’s changing role in the tech age.

Jonah Paransky, EVP and General Manager at Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions.

Market Maturation: Wolters Kluwer's New VP Chats the Next Frontier of Legal Tech

By Rhys Dipshan |

Wolters Kluwer vice president and general manager Jonah Paransky chats about the changing legal technology market.

The 12 Core Competencies that Define the Future of Legal Operations

By Zach Warren |

What exactly is legal operations? For many, it remains a mystery—and even those in charge of the CLOC Conference admit that it isn’t yet narrowly defined.

Orrick Lands Lowenstein Partner to Head New York Tech Group

By Rebecca Cohen |

With the hiring of Peter Fusco and other moves, Orrick is the latest Am Law 100 firm looking to ramp up its technology industry expertise in the city.

Orange is the new black.

'Orange Is the New Black' Hack Has Hollywood on Edge, Legal Minds Divided

By Todd Cunningham |

A group or individual known as "The Dark Overlord" claims to have digital copies of 38 television shows and is trying to extort money from studios, networks and post-production companies.

Considering Cyberinsurance? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Judy Selby, BDO Consulting |

A rundown of what potential buyers need to know when thinking about purchasing cyberinsurance.

Executives walking inside gears

Foxwordy Grows Up, Launches Enterprise Offering

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Collaboration tool Foxwordy is looking to move further into the business space, and away from its roots as a “social media for lawyers.”

The FTC sent letters to many celebrities—including Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Polizzi and Allen Iverson—about their display of products in Instagram posts.

Who Got Those Social 'Influencer' Letters From the FTC? Read the Full List.

By C. Ryan Barber |

Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Polizzi, the "Jersey Shore" star better known as Snooki, and the former baksetball star Allen Iverson were among the celebrities the Federal Trade Commission recently sent letters to as part of the agency's push to promote clearer disclosures of business relationships in endorsement deals. The FTC in its announcement last month about the letters did not name any of the celebrities and stars who received them. The National Law Journal obtained the FTC letters through a records request.

Kevin Boyle, senior vice president and general counsel at Vencore

"Who Said Being a Lawyer is Boring?" GC Delves Into the Fun of the Tech Industry

By Rhys Dipshan |

GC Kevin Boyle discusses why he chose a career in the tech sector and the challenges and opportunities he faces leading the legal department of an information solutions provider.

Planning for the Worst: White House Guidance on Avoiding, and Coping With, Data Breaches

By Kristen Price, Haight Brown & Bonesteel |

The White House memo reflects changing laws and policies and provides guidance for how organizations should tailor their response plans.

Emojis taken from Surveying the Law of Emojis paper, published by Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University - School of Law.

What You Need to Know About Emoji Law (Yes, That's a Thing)

By Ross Todd |

"Prepare for the coming emoji onslaught," warns Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman, who sees ramifications for contract law, criminal evidence and IP disputes.

Lucy Bassli of Microsoft Corp. HANDOUT.

Lucy Bassli, Assistant GC at Microsoft on Legal Operations Outside Silicon Valley

By By David Ruiz |

Lucy Bassli, assistant GC of legal operations and contracts at Microsoft Corp., discusses legal operations outside of Silicon Valley and how important people are in the practice.

Is E-Discovery on the Precipice of Even Greater Market Consolidation?

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

While the market has seen a steady trajectory of M&As for some time, globalization, compliance and a push for comprehensive service packages may be taking it further.

Tech M&A Trends: Software & Chip Deals Dominate the Tech Sector

By Diane Holt, Bloomberg Law |

A look at the top technology data points and trends for lawyers in Q1 2017.

Eric Mandel, director, Solutions Architecture, E-Discovery, Ricoh USA

Ricoh USA Brings E-Discovery Expert Eric Mandel on Board as Director

By Zach Warren |

The LTPI and Sedona Conference thought leader was drawn to the company's 'decision to invest in providing services.'

Employees on Social Media: The L&E Look at Avoiding Potential Litigation Traps

By Matthew Coolbaugh, Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson |

Employers can face potential NLRA violations for having overbroad policies that chill or take action against employees based on their use of social media.

Working the Mines: How Text Mining Can Help Create Value for Lawyers

By Rees Morrison, Juris Datoris |

Text mining is the software-assisted process of identifying patterns in large amounts of written material, which can uncover previously unknown, useful knowledge.

New Patent Framework Aims to Get Attorneys on the Same Page

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

A Corporate Legal Operations Consortium initiative aims to establish an industry standard to structure and define the scope of legal tasks involved in patent matters.

Integris Looks to Help Companies Manage 'Live Maps' of Sensitive Data

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Founder Kristina Bergman hopes to bring dynamic data mapping to information governance.

Prescriptive Modelling: The Future of Data Analytics?

By Rhys Dipshan |

Speakers at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Conference will try to educate legal departments about using metrics to understand and meet future challenges.

Purdue Buys Kaplan’s Online-Only JD Program in Education Milestone

By Karen Sloan |

Purdue University on April 27 announced plans to purchase Kaplan University—a national consortium of online and brick-and-mortar degree programs that includes Concord Law School.

California Supreme Court.

Tech Allies Back Yelp in Online Speech Case

By Ross Todd |

Amicus briefs poured into the California Supreme Court from technology trade organizations and individual companies in Hassell v. Bird.

Reese Arrowsmith, vice president and head of legal operations at Campbell Soup Co.

Digital Pillars: Essential Technologies in Corporate Legal

By Rhys Dipshan |

Three current and former senior in-house legal executives explain their top technology choices and how legal departments operate in the 21st century.

Woman checking heart rate

3 Ways Wearables Are Impacting Lawyers

By Monica Zent, ZentLaw |

A look at what lawyers are doing now to help their practice through such wearables as smart watches.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

To Patent or Not to Patent: Legal Tech Takes on IP

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Software developers in the legal technology space may want to think long and hard before forgoing a patent.

Consulting Firm Morae Legal and E-Discovery Provider Clutch Group to Merge

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The merged company Morae Global Corporation is expected to expand both companies’ ranges of compliance products and services.

3 Ways Big Data Will Change the Lawyer's Role

By Ian Lopez |

Lawyers, technologists and advisers may find themselves expanding their roles as technology becomes more integrated with our lives.

Machine-Created Evidence: A Myth of Objectivity?

By By Rhys Dipshan |

Bias can easily be an inherent part in machine-created evidence, experts say.

Three Law Firm Leaders Spill Their Legal Tech Value Secrets

By Daniel Meyers, TransPerfect |

Leaders at the vanguard of the tech movement identify three service trends to provide value to both their firms and their clients.

Colorado Latest State to Propose Cybersecurity Compliance Rules

By Ed Silverstein |

The rules for broker-dealers and investment advisers are directed at 'ensuring that each entity has baseline data security procedures in place that are commensurate with its size.'

Inside the Research Projects Looking to 'Tame AI'

By Rhys Dipshan |

Researchers at an NYU Law conference discuss projects to address concerns over AI's opaque decision-making process and consumer profiling.

Julie Brill

Microsoft Hires Ex-FTC Commissioner as Cybersecurity, Privacy Lead

By David Ruiz |

Julie Brill joins the company after roughly a year with Hogan Lovells, where she served as co-director of the firm’s privacy and cybersecurity practice.

Can Fitbit Records Lead to a Murder Conviction?

By Ed Silverstein |

The use of the wearable device in a recent Connecticut case shows how data collected by such technology can make their way into court proceedings.

It's Not You, It's Your Vendor: The Hidden Doorway to Phishing Attacks

By Eric Chuang and Doug Herman, BDO Consulting |

Without understanding the potential vulnerabilities service providers may bring, there is not much to protect organizations from highly sophisticated phishing attacks.

Self-driving Ford Fusion hybrid cars sit parked, Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016, in Pittsburgh. Uber said that passengers in Pittsburgh will be able to summon rides in self-driving cars with the touch of a smartphone button in the next several weeks.

Federal, State Officials Face Sharp Curves in Regulating Driverless Cars

By Cheryl Miller |

Two decades ago, driverless cars were mostly the stuff of science-fiction fantasy, a feature in a futuristic movie or a conceptual project for engineering students. Today, the earliest versions of autonomous vehicles are very much real.

New Initiative Seeks to Establish Common Language for Legal Matters

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

Standards for the Legal Industry (SALI) is behind an initiative to create "matter standards" that in-house legal departments, law firms and business partners can use.

The Kitty Hawk Flyer

Who Will Regulate Flying Cars?

By David Ruiz |

“It’s a Pandora’s box of issues,” said Mark Connot, managing partner for Fox Rothschild’s Las Vegas office.

A Bridge Too Far? Legal's Challenges in Explaining AI Decisions

By By Rhys Dipshan |

Legal and computer science experts at NYU Law's "Algorithms and Explanations" conference discuss the technical and legal barriers to uncovering AI's decision-making.

Why Google Is Losing the Battle Over Foreign-Stored Data

By Ben Hancock |

A recent San Francisco case spotlights the particular challenges faced by Google's approach in waging courtroom battles over data storage.

4 Tech Tips for Law Firms with Negotiated Pricing

By Jeff Segarra, Nuance |

Incorporating technologies to optimize administrative processes and manage expenses can create a better work environment and better outcomes for clients.

11th Circuit Upholds Conviction in Case Over Email Breach in Mayoral Election

By Tom McParland |

The court ruled former Mobile County License Commissioner Kimberly Hastie broke the law by turning over a list of drivers' email addresses.


Unified Front: Examining kCura and Guidance's Integrated Full EDRM Offering

By Rhys Dipshan |

Guidance Software and kCura look to play to each other's strengths to tap the demand for comprehensive review solutions.

Justin Kan, Atrium

Legal Technology Investing: A Tale of Two Companies

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Startup founders have begun to look for new approaches to court or skirt venture capital. The cases of and Atrium can provide lessons for other companies.

Edelson Lobs Privacy Suit at Data-Mining Firm Named in NYT Report

By Ross Todd |

Lawyers at Edelson PC claim UnrollMe's data-mining practices violate the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Stored Communications Act.

A large crowd rallies in front of the U.S. Capitol to denounce President Donald Trump’s travel ban order.

In First, Fourth Circuit to Livestream Travel Ban Hearing

By Cogan Schneier |

The court granted a request from CSPAN to broadcast the audio, acknowledging “heightened public interest” in the case.

Talin Andonians, Discovia COO

Women of Legal Tech: From the United Nations to Uniting Legal with Technology

By Monica Bay |

After moving to the U.S. in 2002 and learning English as her third language, Talin Andonians worked her way to become Discovia's COO.

Should You 'Facebook' the Jury? Yes. No. Probably.

By Ben Hancock |

While social media profiles can present a trove of data points for jury selection, the ethics and legality of researching jurors online depends heavily on jurisdiction.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Provides a Gateway for FTI's E-Discovery Managed Review Services

By Ian Lopez |

The company's latest legal offering involving Microsoft Office 365, FTI Consulting's managed services uses the cloud for preservation through review.

3 Ways Cybersecurity Demands Are Changing E-Discovery

By Rhys Dipshan |

Data security responsibilities are changing discussions in pre-trial conferences and making e-discovery practitioners more cautious with data custodians.

Identifying and Investing in Solutions for Law Firms and Legal Departments

By Ari Kaplan, Ari Kaplan Advisors |

On a recent podcast, Ari Kaplan spoke with Pangea3 co-founders David Perla and Sanjay Kamlani on their new venture and legal tech's investment promise.

Stay-at-Home-Rainmakers: A Growing Threat to Big Law

By Roy Strom |

A number of cloud-based law firms are increasingly competing with Big Law for both rainmakers and work from Fortune 100 clients.

Technology Tools for the Art of Legal Marketing

By LTN Staff |

Five legal marketing experts break down how technology has changed the face of the profession.

J.C. Boggs, King & Spalding, Partner and Dean C. Garfield, Information Technology Industry Council, President and CEO opened the 2017 Cybersecurity & Privacy Summit, hosted by King & Spalding on April 24, 2017.

Cyberinsurance and Vendor Follies Headline King & Spalding Cybersecurity Summit

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Panelists hoped to bring clarity to risk management anxieties arising from the fast-changing cybersecurity market.

E-discovery Leader Ipro Announces ‘Substantial Investment’ from ParkerGale Capital

By Zach Warren |

The deal, whose monetary details have not been disclosed, will allow ‘increased investment across all departments’ and provide further acquisition opportunities, the company says.

Government Accountability Office building in Washington, D.C.

GAO's Fintech Report Highlights Data Security, Lack of Clarity on Regulatory Oversight

By Stephanie Forshee |

Regardless of which agency oversees which type of fintech company, data security is of top concern, the report noted.

The Benefits of Welcoming AI Into the Legal Department

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

An upcoming CLOC session will focus on the current uses of AI to drive positive operational improvements in spend analytics and outside counsel management.

Will 'Draft Measures' Help Clarify Data Transfer Issues in China?

By Ed Silverstein |

The Chinese government says the data transfer Draft Measure clarifies the recently passed Cybersecurity Law, but companies may find some of the regulations potentially cumbersome.

Corporate E-Discovery Struggles With Employee Mobile Device Proliferation

By Rhys Dipshan |

As companies expand mobile device in-house, many are worried about their ability to limit the exposure of potentially discoverable corporate data.

Philadelphia Bar Taking Data-Driven Approach to Judicial Politics

By Max Mitchell |

During the upcoming May 16 primary, volunteers from the bar association will pass out fliers with ratings and answer any voter questions about the process.

New Rules Meant to Keep Sharks Out of 'Ocean of Data' Could Slow Work, Raise Costs

By David Ruiz |

The ACC rules lower the chance of breaches, lawyers said, but they also provide a roadblock: Lawyers can't access files as quickly.

Corporate Legal's Metrics Mandate: Create Your Own KPIs, or Others Will

By Rhys Dipshan |

The 2017 CLOC Conference focus on harnessing legal data toward actionable metrics is more than advice—it's increasingly becoming a business necessity.


This GC Thinks He Can Quantify the Long-Subjective Art of Service Provider Value

By Zach Warren |

The brainchild of Mark Smolik, GC of DHL’s American supply chain operations, Qualmet’s first cloud-based platform assesses and compares the performance of legal service providers.

Back row from left: Jackson Gorski, Sarah Kelly, Mary Rios, Crystal Fletcher, Andrew Bernick, Mario Cantu, and TOJI Director Anne-Marie Rabago. Front row from left: Carolyn Cadena, Kori Martin, DeVondolyn Arrington, and Claire Vaho

First Participants in Texas Bar Legal Incubator Program Help Close the Justice Gap

By Angela Morris |

Participants in the Texas Opportunity and Justice Incubator have emerged from an intense three-week boot camp that turbocharged the launches of their solo practices.

'Need to Know' Security: New Standard of Care, New Competitive Advantage

By Keith Lipman, Prosperoware |

Law firms need to pay attention to both the ACC guidelines and the NYS DFS regulations in order to compete in the current marketplace.

Ecology concept, businessman keeping a green leaf in his pocket

Reducing Your Firm's Carbon Footprint Requires Digitizing Your Records

By Parviz Rezvani, ABI |

A switch to electronic records can save time and money while reducing a law practice's carbon footprint.

Labor and Employment stock illustration.

Bloomberg BNA Updates Its L&E Tool Set With Heat Maps, Tracking Analytics

By Ian Lopez |

In an arena with increasingly more tech options for labor and employment, Bloomberg Law tries walking attorneys 'soup to nuts' through compliance processes.

K&L Gates Fills Breach-Response Need with RADAR Deal

By Lizzy McLellan |

The partnership follows the departure from K&L Gates of Pittsburgh partner Roberta Anderson, a co-founder of the firm's six-year-old cybersecurity practice.

Close of the future in customer care reps.

Billy Bot, a Chatbot with A Funny Streak, Takes A Barristers' Clerkship

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The new chatbot hopes to provide a new public face for barristers' offices.

Grading Legal on Operational Excellence

By Rebekah Mintzer |

HBR Consulting knows the difficulty legal departments have evaluating their processes. At CLOC, group leaders will try to help operations professionals make the grade.

Corporations’ Living Data: 3 Biometric Trends to Keep An Eye On

By Rhys Dipshan |

Even with security advancements, the use of biometric data may running into increased regulatory oversight and far-reaching state privacy laws.

What's in Your Warehouse? Closing the Business Intelligence Data Gap

By Zach Warren |

Collecting and normalizing business intelligence data, building a data warehouse, and effective presentation for outside the organization will be key concepts at the 2017 CLOC conference.

Embracing Digital, LSAT Loosens Its Grip on the No. 2 Pencil

By Karen Sloan |

The Law School Admission Council will conduct the first nationwide digital exam on May 20, with 1,000 prospective law students taking the test on tablet computers.

Jason Van Dyke

Attorney in Revenge Porn Twitter War Sues DA over Rescinded Job Offer

By John Council |

Van Dyke said in 2014 he became the subject of media coverage when he sued a "dark net" revenge porn website called Pinkmeth on behalf of a plaintiff.

The Vicissitudes of the EU-US Cross-Border Transfer

By Ryan Costello, eTERA Consulting |

A look at SCCs in the Irish High Court, Privacy Shield confidence, and what it means for those searching for a comprehensive compliance program.

ONE Discovery Looks to Expand E-discovery’s UX Focus with New Solution

By Rhys Dipshan |

The new company is betting on the demand for a "for e-discovery professionals, by e-discovery professionals" tool in the enterprise space.

Global Patent Filings Spike in Fintech

By Stephanie Forshee |

An analysis published Tuesday from London law firm EMW shows a drastic spike in global patent filings related to fintech in 2016 compared to 2015.

'Smart Contracts' Demand Sharper Tech Skills From Lawyers, Experts Say

By Charles Toutant |

While expectations should be tempered, experts said blockchain adoption will bring changes to the practice of law.

FTC Tells Paid 'Influencers' to Disclose When Instagram Posts Are #Ads

By C. Ryan Barber |

The Federal Trade Commission is keeping tabs on the growing trend of brands hiring so-called "influencers"—athletes, celebrities and others with large followings—to promote their products on social media. Up until Wednesday, the agency has put the burden of ensuring proper advertising disclosure on the brands. The agency sent 90 letters to influencers and marketers informing them of their responsibility to "clearly and conspicuously" disclose the business relationships behind social media posts.

Not Everyone Is Happy About Latest Fintech Charter Proposal

By Stephanie Forshee |

Many traditional financial institutions, trade groups and regulators are seeking more clarity on regulations or outright opposing the OCC's proposal.

Compliance Playing Catch-Up with Regulators in Data Analytics Race

By Charles Hastie, Clutch Group |

As the regulators’ own capabilities of examining big data grows, it becomes less likely that they will discuss search terms with you to narrow down a data request.

Wolters Kluwer Aiming to Streamline Research into the Cybersecurity ‘Haystack’

By Zach Warren |

The new Cybersecurity & Privacy Law Suite provides curated news and enhanced searching capabilities for security-minded corporate legal professionals.

Video Depositions May Come of Age in the Cloud Era

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Cloud technology and tablet camera technology could make video depositions a lot less analog.

Got a Negative Online Review? First Things First: Turn Off Your Attorney

By Dan Lear, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

It happened. Some current or former client had the gall to write something less than flattering about you online. What do you do? The first thing to do, and this can be the hardest thing for attorneys, is to turn off your attorney. Feedback can be hard to take.

In-Car Payments to Drive Risks for Auto Companies

By Stephanie Forshee |

Adding credit card information to a vehicle's systems is just one more data point to be aware of in terms of data collection and privacy.

Why Artificial Intelligence Can't Compete With Humans, and Vice Versa

By Rhys Dipshan |

Limited by its computational nature, AI in legal falls short of being able to interpret and contextualize data the way attorneys can.

Fire Hazards, and the Power of Checklists for Effective E-discovery New Matter Planning

By Matthew Verga and Sarah Cole, Advanced Discovery |

An effective new matter planning checklist needs to address all six phases of your e-discovery project. Here’s a 24 question example.

Jury Consulting Gets Emotional With the Help of Technology

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Jury consultant Susan Constantine is employing facial recognition software, but the jury is still out on the tool's efficacy and impact.

A large crowd rallies on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, led by top Democrat lawmakers, to denounce President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from 7 Muslim-majority countries, on January 30, 2017.

E-Discovery Could Be Key in Trump Travel Ban Litigation

By Ed Silverstein |

Justice Department attorneys claim the information sought in the Washington case, much of it related to executive orders, is actually protected by various privileges.

Apple Headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California.

Apple Enters Self-Driving Race: Here's the Overall Lineup

By Cheryl Miller |

Apple hasn't said what it plans for the three Lexus RX450h models and six drivers now permitted by the DMV.

Information Governance: Law Firms' Cybersecurity Weak Spot

By Ian Raine, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

Perimeter security is only one part of a comprehensive legal data security strategy and by itself leaves open a weak spot — attackers who, using phishing or other methods, are able to bypass strong perimeter security systems, and once inside find themselves able to access a firm's emails, documents and other work product.

Ex-New Jersey Judge, Colleagues Lose Bid to Dismiss Computer Hacking Suit

By Charles Toutant |

Former Essex County Superior Court Judge Carol Ferentz, Benjamin DelVento and DelVento's sons Benjamin Jr. and Matthew had moved to dismiss the suit by Maurice Donovan.