Legal Operations

Ian Levit, vice president of marketing and sales at Levit & James Inc.

Levit & James VP: Flexibility Key in Legal Tech's Future


For Ian Levit, the demand for flexibility and mobility will come to define the future of the legal tech market.

Legal Departments See More Operations Staff, Emphasis on Predictive Reporting

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

A Thomson Reuters report finds that legal operations teams are now a hallmark of over half of corporate legal departments.

Failing is Learning: 3 Legal Ops Considerations for Creating Consistent Success

By Rhys Dipshan |

The ACC Legal Operations conference kicked off with a look how best to deploy and maintain a successful legal operations team.

(l-r) Jeffrey Marple, Innovation Director Corporate Legal, Kiran Mallavarapu, Senior Vice President and Manager, Legal Strategic Services, seated, and Robert Taylor, Vice President, Senior Corporate Counsel & Manager, with Liberty Mutual Insurance. March 31, 2017.

Inside Liberty Mutual's Legal Tech Transformation

By Rhys Dipshan |

How one century-old legal department is leveraging data, deploying tools and changing corporate culture to prepare for the future of law.

Uber headquarters, located at 1455 Market St. in San Francisco, CA.

Uber's Firing of 2 In-House Lawyers Raises Questions About Legal Culture

By Stephanie Forshee and Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

The two lawyers had expressed concerns about data-retention policies and allegedly made unauthorized contact with outside counsel.

Ecology concept, businessman keeping a green leaf in his pocket

Reducing Your Firm's Carbon Footprint Requires Digitizing Your Records

By Parviz Rezvani, ABI |

A switch to electronic records can save time and money while reducing a law practice's carbon footprint.

Grading Legal on Operational Excellence

By Rebekah Mintzer |

HBR Consulting knows the difficulty legal departments have evaluating their processes. At CLOC, group leaders will try to help operations professionals make the grade.

Buying or Upgrading Practice Management Software? 4 Things to Know

By Ian Lopez |

Implementing practice management tools can be a pain. Here are some considerations when making the move.

A Perfect Global Storm: In-House Leaders See Rough Waters, Similar Challenges

By E. Leigh Dance, Global Counsel Leaders Circle |

These six conclusions of one survey, including the increasing focus on technology and IT, say that change is here for in-house counsel.

What Companies Can Demand From Law Firms on Data Security

By C. Ryan Barber |

The Association of Corporate Counsel on Wednesday released its first set of model cybersecurity practices to help corporate legal departments ensure that outside firms safeguard their company's confidential information. Since 2014, the percentage of top in-house lawyers characterizing data breaches as "extremely" important rose from 19 percent to 26 percent this year.