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When it Comes to Law Firm Clients, Metrics Matter More Than You Think

By Ian Lopez |

Evolve Law CEO Mary Juetten explained at the ABA Tech Show how law firms can employ metrics in improving their client services.

IBM Watson

IBM's Watson Makes New Inroads Into Legal With Discovery, Business Research Offerings

By Rhys Dipshan |

IBM's announced expansion of Watson Discovery Service and the launch of Watson Company Profiler looks to further the AI platform's e-discovery and search technology.

Dr. Xuning (Michael) Tang, Chief Data Scientist at Vista Analytics,

Behind the Tech: E-discovery Data Scientist Discusses Future of AI, Document Review

By Rhys Dipshan |

Xuning Tang, chief data scientist at Vista Analytics, sees an expanding role for AI in corporate e-discovery, with little impact on in-house legal jobs.

L-R Jake Heller, Founder and CEO and Laura Safdie, COO and General Counsel, Casetext.

$12M Casetext Investment Underscores Am Law Interest in AI Technology

By Ian Lopez |

A recent investment in artificial intelligence-enabled legal research technology signals law firm acceptance and adoption of such technology.

funding and budgeting

In-House Legal Technology Adoption Often Pivots on One Key Variable: Project Sponsors

By Rhys Dipshan |

It is often up to general counsel and legal operations managers to support, and closely manage, their department's technology adoption.

Running the Corporate Legal Department Like a Profit Center

By Dan Bodnar and Rob Gitell, Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker |

Technology, accountability and innovation are key in making sure the legal department is attuned to organizational forward momentum.


From the Ground Up: Inside Oracle's Knowledge Management Project

By Rhys Dipshan |

Ameen Haddad, ‎assistant general counsel at Oracle and head of its knowledge management project, discusses KM's complexities and opportunities.

How Do I Secure My World? Keeping Info Safe as Lines Blur Between Personal, Professional Lives

By Ian Lopez |

IBM CISO Shamla Naidoo said at ABA Tech show that much of preventing organizational cyber threats hinges on the individual.

Hacker Tries Extortion Plot vs. Apple, but Co. Says it Is Not Harmed; Here's What To Do

By Sue Reisinger |

While Apple says users are safe, the event underscores the importance for companies to be prepared for cyber events, says Alston & Bird partner.

Back in the GDPR: Using Data Mapping to Arrive at a Privacy Impact Assessment

By Dan Panitz, UnitedLex, and H. Bruce Gordon, Teva Pharmaceuticals |

Any company operating globally should protect their value through exposure containment under both Privacy Shield and the forthcoming GDPR.

10 Ways to Avoid W-2 Phishing Schemes

By Cinthia Motley, Sedgwick |

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of tax season to lure valuable W-2 information from vulnerable businesses.

Are Law Departments Letting Law Firms Off the Hook With Cybersecurity?

By Daniella Isaacson, ALM Intelligence |

According to ALM Intelligence's recent report on cybersecurity and law firms, law firms are failing on the most fundamental level: basic preparation.

Kathleen Killin, marketing and communications coordinator with ROSS Intelligence.

Women of Legal Tech: Kathleen Killin's Career Combines Artificial Intelligence and Art

By Monica Bay |

To take advantage of opportunities, Killin created an a la carte law approach to get her ticket.

Legal Writing With Style: 3 Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Document

By Gabrielle Orum Hernandez |

Ditching Times New Roman, widening margins and writing simply may improve attorneys' ability to reach judges and the general public.

Handling Law Firm “Waste” to Adapt to a Changing Marketplace

By Ian Lopez |

Speakers at the ABA Tech Show emphasize how thinking about law as a business and using technology to meet your goals can help firms thrive in a changing environment.


Inside the 'Robot Review': 3 Trends Defining the Artificial Intelligence Contract Market

By Rhys Dipshan |

The market for AI contract solutions is fueled by competitive innovation, differing law firm and legal department demands and the evolution of corporate legal.

4 Ways to Leverage AI to Optimize Your Legal Content Marketing

By Jaron Rubenstein |

If not done correctly, building new processes and capabilities into your firm's website can quickly become a time-consuming and costly endeavor.

Women in Cybersecurity

No Woman's Land: Cybersecurity Industry Suffers From Gender Imbalance, Discrimination

By Rhys Dipshan |

A PwC survey finds that women face wage, education and culture barriers in an industry heavily comprised of males.

Is Your Law Firm Running 'Encryption Light?'

By Nina Cunningham, Altman Weil |

With so many warnings to lawyers about transmitting unsecured email and attachments, it can be difficult to understand the solutions available and how they differ.

E-Discovery Veterans are Tackling a 'New Generation of Challenges'

By Zach Warren |

Steve Vranas, who recently moved to Zapproved, talks lessons learned from his 15-year e-discovery career and his view on the industry's trajectory.

Venture Capital

Startup Struggles: How Individual Investors Allowed a Legal Tech Startup to Bypass VC Woes

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Venture capitalists have not taken to legal tech startups the way the industry thinks they should, but individual investors from the legal community can help fill in the funding gap.

It's Time for IT and Employees to Work Together to Address Cyber Risks

By Mark Hickman |

One of the key challenges for managing data breach risk is acknowledging that it is not always posed by someone outside of the company.

Where to Start When Shopping for Third-Party Cybersecurity Vendors

By Ian Lopez |

Companies that specialize in cyber protections may seem better positioned to secure a law firm, but not all are created equal. Industry insiders provide tips on how to find what works best for your firm.

California Startup Plays Matchmaker to GCs and Outside Counsel

By David Ruiz |

Globality is trying to solve a common problem that general counsel face when companies expand into new jurisdictions.

Winter 2017 Case Law Suggests Counsel Should Brush Up on Addressing ESI

By Ian Lopez |

A recent Exterro webinar brought together leading legal minds in e-discovery to interpret takeaways from this winter’s top e-discovery cases.

3rd Circuit Upholds Contempt Ruling for Man Who Didn’t Unlock Devices

By P.J. D'Annunzio |

The appeals court decision affirmed a civil contempt order against a John Doe defendant, who refused to provide law enforcement with passwords to some of his devices while doing so for others.

ABA Offers New Cyberinsurance Policy for Law Firms as Breaches Continue

By Ed Silverstein |

Law firms with a minimum revenue base of $250,000 can apply for the ABA cyberinsurance policy, underwritten by Chubb Limited.

Is Sensitive Data Safe in the Hands of Expert Witnesses?

By Margaret A. Daley, Berkeley Research Group |

What safeguards are in place to ensure a receiving party will provide the level of security sensitive data deserves? The answer is very few.

Mobile phones and digital tablets

Ninth Circuit Weighs Privacy in Police Cellphone Tracking Case

By Ross Todd |

Judges Mary McKeown and Jay Bybee expressed concern over the growing frequency and precision with which cellular providers can track their customers.


Cybercrimes in Civil Litigation: Using the CFAA To Go 'On the Offensive'

By Shain Khoshbin, Munck Wilson Mandala |

There is a split among federal circuit courts of appeals regarding the meaning of the phrase "unauthorized use" in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Google Is Not Generic for Internet Searching—But the Day May Be Coming

By Scott Graham |

Lawyer Richard Wirtz argues that so many people say "google" when they mean "search the internet" regardless of search engine.

Who Has the Keys to Self-Driving Cars?

By Amanda Cicatelli, InsideCounsel |

The Waymo v. Uber case is one of the first major battles over driverless car technology, and it will be a real food fight.

concept of leaky software, data with a tap sticking out.

U.K. Barrister Fined after ‘Confidential’ Information Leaked in Home Computer Update

By Ed Silverstein |

725 unencrypted documents stored on the barrister's home computer were temporarily uploaded to a searchable internet directory.

How Can the Industrial Internet of Things Be Better Prepared for Cyber Risks?

By Ed Silverstein |

Fifty-one percent of IT security professionals say they do not feel prepared for security attacks that “abuse, exploit or maliciously leverage insecure IIoT devices.”

Statutory Damages: The Future of Cybersecurity Litigation

By Thomas G. Rohback and Patricia M. Carreiro, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider |

Recent cases have taken different lessons from the Supreme Court's Spokeo ruling, but we should expect to see more class actions filed under statutory causes of action.

FRONTEO’s CEO Craig Carpenter.

Industry in Transition: FRONTEO's New CEO Preps for the Evolving E-discovery Market

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Craig Carpenter, the incoming CEO of FRONTEO, finds partnerships and AI to be the defining characteristics of e-discovery's transitional period.

Data Obstacles Hamper Cyber Insurance Growth

By Sam J. Friedman, Deloitte, Property Casualty 360 |

Insurance providers need to work to change the view of cyber insurance as many buyers as insufficient, uncertain, or too costly for the value offered.

Legalist website at

Legalist Integration With Clio Paves Way for Broader Litigation Financing

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Clio's practice management software will integrate tech-enabled litigation finance platform Legalist for quicker, online requests for litigation funding.

Consilio Brings Together Analytics and Human Review in In-House Cost-Containment Service

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The "External Spend Optimization" tool promises to provide actionable data to control spending on outside counsel.

Senate Votes to Repeal FCC Internet Privacy Rules

By Lora Hollien |

The Federal Communication Commission’s move to stop internet service providers from collecting customers’ personal information without consent has itself been halted.

Companies Challenge Secrecy Protocols for FBI National Security Letters

By Ben Hancock |

The companies say the potentially indefinite gag orders about the letters are an unconstitutional prior restraint on free speech.

Four Pitfalls to Avoid in a Cyberinsurance Policy

By Stephen Raptis, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips |

These provisions are likely to be tested in litigation in the next few years and deserve particular focus by prospective policyholders.

Cornell Law School.

Student Interest Drives New Tech Law Program at Cornell Law's NYC Campus

By Rhys Dipshan |

The launch of the "Program in Information and Technology Law" at the New York City-based Cornell Tech campus is the school's latest move to combine legal and tech education.


McDonald's Trump Tweet Reveals Social Media Dangers for Legal

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

This is not the first time a controversial message has been released on a company's social media account—and it likely won't be the last.

Uber headquarters in San Francisco

In Uber Appeal, Another Test for Digital Arbitration Pacts

By Andrew Denney |

Second Circuit judges are considering whether to sign off on an arbitration agreement that Uber wrapped into its app terms of service.

Enterprise v. Application: Are Law Firms Ready for an Enterprise Class Solution?

By Mike Stern, Prosperoware |

In a changing marketplace, it might benefit law firms to choose an enterprise solution over 'technology application gluttony.'

DTI Looks for Next Step E-Discovery, Info Gov with Minority Investment in Valora

By Ian Lopez |

The investment allows Valora to focus on technology development over services, while DTI’s clients get access to data classification technology.

Fox Rothschild Raids Dentons for New York Startup Group

By Brian Baxter |

The lawyers represent clients like social media investment fund TGZ Capital, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity startup JASK, and health care data firm pulseData.

Data Gleaned From New Convercent Insights Solution Is All About the Ethics

By Rhys Dipshan |

By tapping into multiple enterprise and public data streams, Convercent Insights provides companies with a closer look at their compliance efforts.

Can Juristech's Floating Keyboard Tackle the Typing Woes of Legal Writing?

By Gabrielle Hernandez |

Juristech's Citepad software allows users to quickly insert some of the most hassle-provoking legal jargon and symbols, but can be cumbersome to integrate with other programs.

Lawyers Using Social Media Lack Framework for What's Allowed

By David Ruiz |

Companies and firms are dealing with lawyers' social media use on a case-by-case basis, leading to uncertainty.

NY AG Settles With 3 Mobile Health App Makers on Misleading Claims Charges

By Kristen Rasmussen |

The settlement represents the latest government oversight of a section of the health care industry that is growing in popularity but, in some cases, is not easily regulated, legal experts say.

Practice and Profitability: Prosperoware’s Data-Driven Take on Financial Management

By Ian Lopez |

Titled Umbria Profitability, the new practice management module offers a clearer window into law firm financial management. Here’s a look at how it gets its glimpse.

Facebook Photo of Judge Holding Beverage Is Not Proof of DWI Release Violation, Judge Says

By Joel Stashenko |

City Court Judge Leticia Astacio had previously been suspended since her 2016 conviction for driving while intoxicated.

From left Richard Climan, John Brockland, Keith Flaum, and Jane Ross

Hogan Lovells Lures Weil Tech Transactions Team

By Rebecca Cohen |

Hogan Lovells won a bidding war for Climan’s crew, according to one source briefed on their decision to depart Weil.