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Data Breach.

How a Massachusetts Decision to Publish Data Breach Info Will Affect Big Law

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The Massachusetts decision spells out new challenges for lawyers working with breached companies.

3 Legal Challenges In-House Counsel Face with 3-D Printing

By Ricci Dipshan |

As 3-D printing becomes more widespread, in-house counsel will be tasked with complex IP and liability challenges.

E-Discovery in Action: How VW's In-House Lawyers Screwed Up a Litigation Hold

By Sue Reisinger |

Statements say VW in-house attorneys tipped off employees about an oncoming litigation hold related to the company's emissions scandal.

Evolve Law Launches In-House Counsel Technology Fellowship

By Ricci Dipshan |

The four-month Evolve Law Tech Fellowship program will focus on educating in-house counsel around implementing document automation in their legal workflows.


Hackers, Data Leaks, Encryption and Hidden Data Can Wreak E-Discovery Havoc

By Adam Feinberg, BIA |

As we enter 2017, here's how changes in cybersecurity may affect your e-discovery plans moving forward.

Lisa Monaco.

Lessons from the Trenches: Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco on Cybersecurity in National Security

By Ian Lopez |

Morrison & Foerster’s John Carlin chats with the U.S. Homeland Security Advisor about cybersecurity’s importance in the national dialogue.

Lagging Is Not an Option: Using Technology to Maximize Law Department Value

By Danish Butt, Morae Legal |

Management strategies implemented before, during and after implementation can maximize user adoption and ROI.

Amazon Echo.

Search Warrants for IoT Data Spur Legal, Privacy Complications

By Ricci Dipshan |

Law enforcement attempts to access Amazon Echo raise questions over the viability of IoT data in investigations and the vulnerability of private information.

Federal Trade Commission Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen. June 12, 2014. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

What to Expect in FTC Privacy Enforcement During the Trump Administration

By Janis C. Kestenbaum, Perkins Coie |

A look at how a Republican majority may impact the focus of the FTC.

Finding Middle Ground: Why Law Firms and E-Discovery Vendors Should Work Together

By Anne McCray and Cristin Traylor, McGuireWoods |

Law firms and e-discovery vendors provide different options, but clients are best served when they work together.

Nicole Black, MyCase

Nicole Black: From the Defender's Office to Legal Technology Evangelist

By Monica Bay |

Black is among the leaders in educating lawyers about technology’s role in modern law.

Donald Trump.

The Presidential Cybersecurity Handoff

By Justin Hectus, Keesal, Young & Logan |

An analysis of the current federal cyber landscape may yield insights into how the next administration might prioritize their approach on this important front.

Lessons for Legal: Inside the Cybertheft Faced by Two Large Firms

By Ricci Dipshan |

Picking apart the recent cybertheft faced by two U.S. firms working on M&A offers lessons on how legal can avoid similar breaches in the future.

Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Governor Cuomo Promises New Cybersecurity Measures in 2017

By Joel Stashenko |

Among the measures is forming a "response team" when confidential information from state and local governments is breached.

Recent Phishing Attacks Against Attorneys Highlight Legal’s Ongoing Susceptibility

By Ricci Dipshan |

Attorneys in several U.S. states received ransomware-carrying emails alleging legal action from “The Office of the State Attorney.”

Looking to Start or Further Your E-discovery Education? 3 Ways to Get There

By Ricci Dipshan |

From law schools to nonprofits and legal communities, those looking to establish or grow e-discovery skills have a variety of resources.

3 Startups Helping You Manage Your Legal Calendar

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Doxbi, ModernLaw and CaseFleet all aim to simplify scheduling for law firm attorneys.

Justices Ground Startup Flytenow, the 'Uber of the Sky'

By Marcia Coyle |

Flytenow argued that pilots using Flytenow’s online platform are not “common carriers” who must satisfy more stringent aviation rules.

Catalyst Looks for E-Discovery Insight for Corporate Counsel with New Platform

By Ricci Dipshan |

Catalyst’s Insight Enterprise joins the movement to streamline e-discovery processes for corporate counsel.

UC Irvine School of Law dean Erwin Chemerinsky

Chemerinsky on the ‘Astounding Time’ in Supreme Court History, its Stance on Technology

By Zach Warren |

Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the University of California, Irvine School of Law, will be the January 31 keynote speaker at the Legaltech portion of Legalweek the Experience.

Josias N.

Joe Dewey: Real Estate Lawyer Who Codes on the Side

By Carla Vianna |

Dewey's application creates a checklist of all the post-closing items pending for a particular deal.

With New Law Shielding Negative Reviews, It's Time to Update Terms of Use

By Jennifer Williams-Alvarez |

The Consumer Review Fairness Act voids provisions in form contracts that prohibit or restrict a consumer's ability to leave a negative review.

Don't Kill Humans: European Parliament Calls for Laws Governing Artificial Intelligence

By Chris Johnson |

The report suggests that artificial intelligence should be broadly designed in accordance with The Three Laws of Robotics.

Is Your Data Breach Response Plan Good Enough? Stress Test It

By Eric Hodge and Rich Bloomberg, IDT911, Cybersecurity Law & Strategy |

As the chances of a data breach incident increase, savvy businesses have invested time and thought in a response plan. But plans never survive first contact with the enemy.

LTPI Releases 'Practical' Resources on Data Governance and Meet-and-Confers

By Zach Warren |

The Discovery Data Governance Model and meet-and-confer checklist aim to “level the playing field” between technology-proficient lawyers and others.

A Legal Road Map for a Heightened Regulatory World: Legalweek Sneak Peek

By Ricci Dipshan |

A Legalweek plenary session aims to prepare law firms and corporate counsel to address an increase of regulatory compliance and legal needs in the months and years ahead.

If the Shoe Fits: Leveraging E-Discovery Expertise for DPO Responsibilities and GDPR Compliance

By Ryan Costello, eTERA Consulting |

The EU's additional guidance around the data protection officer has generated significant buzz.

data collection

New Commercial Arbitration Database Offers Analytics for Arbitration Attorneys

By Monika Gonzalez Mesa |

A South Carolina startup, Dispute Resolution Data, has signed agreements to collect information from some 20 arbitration institutions.

Chrissie Lightfoot, president of EntrepreneurLawyer, and co-founder of LISA.

Attorney-Designed LISA Prepares NDAs for Small Businesses

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

The attorneys behind LISA hope to bring the “Legal Intelligence Support Assistant” to consumers directly.

Alan Dershowitz.

Tempers Fray as Dershowitz Argues Forced Sale of TransPerfect is Unconstitutional Taking

By Tom McParland |

The translation and discovery technology company, used heavily in legal, is at the center of a dispute between former co-founders Liz Elting and Phil Shawe.

Inside the Federal Government's Latest Guidance on IoT Security

By Hanley Chew, Fenwick & West |

Companies need to be mindful of November guidance from DHS and NIST.

Inside the Federal Government's Latest Guidance on IoT Security

By Hanley Chew, Fenwick & West |

Companies need to be mindful of November guidance from DHS and NIST.

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice National Security Division, during the American Bar Association’s 24th Annual Review of the Field of National Security Law Conference in Washington. The topic: “Executive Branch Updates on Developments in National Security Law.” November 6, 2014. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Ex-DOJ National Security Leader Starts New Practice at MoFo

By Meghan Tribe |

Longtime federal government lawyer John Carlin will chair the firm’s new global risk and crisis management practice.

The FRCP, From the Perspective of Judges, Defense & Plaintiff: Legalweek Sneak Peek

By Ian Lopez |

At Legalweek, Shook Hardy & Bacon’s Patrick Oot will moderate a session on the impact of the 2015 FRCP amendments from three perspectives.

IRS Probe of Bitcoin Accounts Sparks Legal Showdown

By Ross Todd |

The Coinbase case could be "the first major tax case for the industry."

What Lawyers Can Learn from Uber, Redux

By Dan Lear, Avvo |

Just like a driver who doesn’t know exactly where he’s taking his riders, a lawyer who isn’t totally sure what a client wants is likely to end up with a disgruntled client.

Cloudflare's In-House Lawyers Open Up About Privacy Fight With FBI

By Stephanie Forshee |

It was revealed last week that Cloudflare is a plaintiff in a "secret court battle" over non-compliance with a federal government national security letter.

Can Cloud Technology Mitigate Some 'Shadow IT' Risks Facing Legal?

By Ricci Dipshan |

What the trend towards using unauthorized accounts on secure and enterprise-approved cloud services means for legal's cybersecurity blind spot.

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher logo, in New York..08-04-2016

Gibson Dunn Hires Four-Lawyer A&O Technology Team in Paris

By Anna Ward |

The firm says global clients are "increasingly turning to us for advice on data privacy, cybersecurity, digital transformation and outsourcing matters."

Making Globalization Work for the Boutique Firm: Globality’s Online Marketplace

By Gabrielle Orum Hernández |

Using machine learning, the online platform connects global corporate matters to boutique law firms.

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher offices in Washington, D.C. June 23, 2014. Photo by Diego M. Radzinschi/THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL.

Did the FRCP Stabilize E-Discovery in 2016? Gibson Dunn's Annual Report Thinks So

By Ian Lopez |

Gibson Dunn's 2016 Year-End E-Discovery Update suggests a stable e-discovery climate, defined by uniformity in preservation and proportionality and increased vendor consolidation.

Is Hybrid Cloud Storage the Answer for Your Storage?

By Charles Koo, Innovative Computing Systems |

Understanding these ins and outs of hybrid storage could help your law firm or legal department with its storage decisions.

Inside In-House Counsel's Evolving Cybersecurity Role

By Ricci Dipshan |

Legal technology expert Ari Kaplan explains corporate attorneys' expanding responsibilities as corporate cybersecurity priorities shift.

Federal Communications Commission.

The Future of the FCC and Internet Law in a Trump Presidency

By Samar Ali, Bass, Berry & Sims |

President Trump is already being pressured to reverse President Obama’s Open Internet Order (also known as “net neutrality”) and take an aggressive stance against it.

Michelle Lee, United States Patent Trade Office

Tech Industry Lauds Report That Lee to Stay With USPTO

By Scott Graham |

The USPTO has not confirmed The Hill's report, but Lee said last month that she was open to staying on.

Cyber Becomes Mainstream: The Lessons Learned for 2017

By Andrew Serwin, Morrison & Foerster |

These three lessons impact our daily lives as professionals, as well as citizens.