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  • A Cybersecurity Guide for Legal Professionals

    There are two types of law firms: those that have had a security breach, and those that will. Is your firm prepared? Get the answer by implementing the best practices across multiple resources.

    A cyber breach can happen when you least expect it.  Cost of cybercrime for U.S. organizations has grown 96% over the past five years.  Law firms hold extremely important and confidential client information so it goes without saying that protecting your firm from cyber threats should be a top priority.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    * Do you know what threat vectors and likely attacks look like?

    * Do you understand the regulators and standards that impact your firm?

    * Are you confident that your firm is prepared for the inevitable breach?

    * Do you have an incident response plan in place in the event of a breach?

    This guide will walk you though implementing cybersecurity best practices across multiple resources.  Don't be reactive, download this guide and take a proactive approach to developing the strategy you need to protect your client and your practice.

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  • Ransomware, to Pay or Not to Pay?

    That should never be the question. Learn 5 ways you can put prevention at the core of your firm's cybersecurity policy through utilizing solutions that have evolved to prevent today'sknown variants.

    What is ransomware and why is it so prevalent?  How does it infiltrate your network?  What is the risk to your business?

    Before you get into a situation where your only options are to pay or not to pay, consider that the responsibility for cybersecurity practices are not limited to the information technology team or even the security team. Every level of your organization plays a role in protecting your networks against cyber-attacks. 

    Learn five ways you can protect your firm utilizing solutions that have evolved to prevent known variants, and discover the best way to prevent against the unique and unknown cyber threats traditional technologies alone cannot catch.

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